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Free «Government Social Policies» Essay Sample


In the past five decades the Government social policies have consistently undermined the bedrock of human existence; institutions of family and marriage. The government has formulated enacted and implemented policies which have contributed to the degradation and fragmentation of the family and marriage institutions. The social welfare programs since their inception in 1960s have disintegrated the social fabric of the American society; family and marriage. The results are high divorce rate, female-headed households or single-parenthood, socio-economic breakdown.

Expanded Background

Social policies on family and marriage have served to erode and disintegrate the family structure and marriage. The introduction of social welfare programs was a noble idea but the government lost it when they adopted policies which consequently led to high divorce rates, single-parenthood, increasing rates of delinquency, and dysfunctional families.

Increasing cases of Single-Parenthood and Divorce

Social welfare policies have contributed to increase in single-families and divorce.

The government policy of an increase in cash handouts to women, who sire as much children, contributes to them being socially and economically handicap. This promotes a culture of laziness, lack of self-motivation for personal development.  It also denies fathers the chance to take care of their responsibilities.

According to data by U.S Bureau of Census on Current Population Survey carried out between 1970 and 1980s concluded increase cases of divorce and single-mothers. All these effects amidst the social programs created with a view to provide socio-economic benefits for Americans.


Social policies are created with a view to enhance a better and functional society. The government needs to institute social policies which will promote and uphold the dignity of society. The social policies should encourage healthy family structures and solid rock marriage. In 1960, the regulation of divorce was mandated to the U.S Supreme Court and the states. This paved way for increase cases of divorce since then. This is evident with the current number of divorce cases and single-motherhood, and or single-parenthood.


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