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Imagination is integral in learning, because without the reflection and creativity developed through imagination one can never really accomplish full enlightenment. Based on Father Nicholas’s argument that technological advancements in communication are encumbering our imagination, stopping us from achieving our best in life and are having a profounder understanding of life, there are many aspects that emerge. Widespread condemnation and most of the controversy of modern communication technologies such as social media appears focused on the concept of discouraging or preventing thought (Haney & Beasley, 2012). However, it does not mean that people do not think when using such technologies, because they must think on what to update or post in social sites. What it means is deep and serious thought such as thinking of their place and role in the world, goals in life, the meaning of love, and needs in life among others.

Such thoughts are profound, serious and difficult, which is bound to put individuals and their lives under hurting scrutiny. Such thinking is what social media and advanced communication technologies hinder. People using social media expect to imagine or have such thoughts, but people view social sites as mere social behavior or a trend in society or their generation. Social sites and instant communication such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus make it easy to find, connect, and contact family and friends amazingly easy, which is what they are meant to do (Seo, 2012). People can have fun chatting and sharing photos and videos easily. This does not mean that social media or other communication technologies are immoral, but the outcomes are a prominence on shallow thought, not thoughtful personal reflection.

Although social media does not allow the imagination to explore the depths of reality and reform it, students must understand the clear and important difference between what something can do and what it is meant or purposed to do. These differences may sound similar, but they are different. The increased use of technology in communication has made the world an instantaneous and permanently connected. However, these technologies and social sites are simply tools (Haney & Beasley, 2012). Tools have differentiation, and they depend on their application. They facilitate the means to an end, but their anticipated purposes may have other numerous likewise effective applications (Tsang, et al. 2011). For instance, a gun can be used to protect or hurt people. The Internet that is the biggest and most advanced communication technology linking the world to a global village gives access to social sites, but is also the only technology that gives access to unimaginable amounts of information that can never be found in such easy and efficient ways (Tsang, et al. 2011). By considering this concept, social media and communication technologies can be used to encourage and increase imagination, but it all depends on those using it (Seo, 2012).

Students must understand that these technologies are tools, and if used in the correct way, they can foster imagination beyond anything in this world. The interconnectivity all over the world provides a unique opportunity of seeing, analyzing and reflecting on reality and being able to recreate it. The sheer amount of technologies available today makes it hard to avoid their usage or significance in making things efficient and faster. Students should maintain a balance in using these sites and keep in mind what is real and what is not. This understanding must be fostered from the beginning or as a foundation for the students. Most students have poor backgrounds or foundations in terms of understanding social media and its purposes or what it is meant to do. These technologies all depend on the individual choice of application.


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