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Immigration is defined as the process of people moving from one specific region or country to another, where they are not considered to be natives, but they end up settling there (Armstrong & Estrada, 2006). There are many reasons for immigration, which include: climate preferences, state of economy, political reasons, natural disasters, family re-unions, wish of changing the environment or surroundings voluntarily or poverty, causing people to migrate to other parts of the world.

Historically, the immigration policy in United States of America has been one of the most open ones in the whole world. Even though for a long time the United States of America open door policy has been reaping dividends in certain areas such as expansion of the market, cultural diversity, and the dominance in engineering and science, the recent illegal and legal waves of immigration have created a lot of problems, which resulted in controversy in the country’s politics.

It is a well-known fact that the American culture has been majorly affected by immigration. North America has been populated by native tribes prior to the arrival of the European settlers and explorers, who brought their own culture along with them. It is no surprise that the scattered stone age tribesmen had a little chance of maintaining their culture in an industrialized world (Armstrong & Estrada, 2006). Inevitably, as the immigrants from different parts of the world supplanted Native Americans, the new culture of the Americans based on capitalism, religious and the constitutional freedoms was established.

Not only the culture, but the American economy has been affected by the immigration process. People who immigrate to the United States legally in order to get a legal job and work towards a better life for themselves and their families and achieving their American dreams are always welcomed in the country (Hanson, 2005). However, a very large number of the immigrants enter the country illegally. The illegal immigrants pursue illegal activities such as prostitution, selling drugs, kidnapping people and many others. Some of the illegal immigrants take advantage of the social security program for unemployed, which gives them food, money, healthcare and housing - all provided at the expense of the American working people.

Religion is also affected by the immigration process in the United States of America. Even though the American constitution rejects or prohibits formation of the mandated or state-run religions, Christians are the ones who founded the United States, as the early immigrants to America were mostly Christians. Therefore, many rights and laws were established based on the Christian tenets (Hanson, 2005). The immigrants who belong to other religions were then welcomed, however, there was no establishment of laws that denied them their freedom of worship. Some of the modern day immigrants demand passing of the laws which would force the culture in America to acquiesce to their religion. Furthermore, they demand that some of the established laws are ignored for they object to them on the grounds of their religious beliefs.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the immigration causes a drastic impact on the country. It makes sense for the policy-makers in the United States to be focusing on winners and losers from the process of immigration. Native workers are considered to be big losers. They work in lower wage jobs which needs little schooling. At the same time, immigrants are seen as the big winners, taking advantage of the social security system. Skilled workers and capital owners also gain from the process of immigration for they gain more than they invest by paying lower wages. Therefore, the Native Americans need to be protected by policy makers from exploitation by the illegal immigration in the country.


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