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Immigration in the US

From the early beginning of the history of the United States of America, this country consisted of people who came from different countries and continents with different cultural and ethnical features. Today, the United States of America represents the diversity nation with a huge amount of immigrants. During the latest period of the country’s history, the immigrants made a significant contribution to the economy, technology, music, art and other important aspects of the development of the country. There are many people who do not tolerate the immigrants in the US. However, they do not really understand the importance of immigration in the country. The immigration should be allowed in the US as it is the basis of our past and future prosperity.

The flow of immigrants to the country is limited by the different laws and regulations. There are a lot of people who want to live in USA, but they could not accomplish this mission. The growth of the anti-immigration movements and organizations make this task even more difficult for them. Those movements with their claims are distracting the American society from the benefits that immigrants can bring to our country. First of all, the flow of immigrants to the country will make the labor cheaper. Many Americans do not want to carry out the hard work at American factories, plants, farms and other hard industries. Since, it is low in the income and difficult to work there. However, immigrants are ready to work at those positions. In this way, they make a significant contribution to the stability and growth of the country’s economy. Some can argue that it would create the competition between immigrant labor and low skilled Americans. However, it could serve as a positive outcome. “By inviting competition into the American labor markets, artificially inflated labor costs could be eliminated and a greater level of labor efficiency could be achieved” (Lehman).

The other significant thing is that many immigrants are very talented and have the great potential for the development and creation of the innovations in the industry of the new technologies. Many patents that were filed in the recent years belong to the immigrants. Many technology and engineering companies were found and developed by immigrants. From this, we can conclude that immigrants make the great contribution to the country’s economy in terms of innovation and technology development. Making the analysis of the global trends, we can state that development of the technology is a future of any country. Immigrants can help U.S. in this also. Among immigrants, there are many skillful workers who can be useful in medicine and other industries. Moreover, the phenomenon of immigration is beneficial in terms of the taxes. The illegal immigrants honestly pay more taxes that some American corporations. “According to the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, undocumented workers paid billions in state and local taxes last year” (Hart).

The constant flow of immigrants from all over the globe creates the unique cultural and ethnic diversity. It is the opportunity to be closer to different cultural and national experiences. Find out new about the rest of the world and make important decisions out of it. It could create the path to the new way of lives with better conditions. It is a way of studying new religions, cuisine, languages and people experiences. The example could be the film industry that filled with immigrants. There are also many immigrants who work in the sphere of art, music, literature. At the same time, it makes the life of Americans more bright and interesting. The diversity of the population could come up with better solutions than population that are limited with one national experience.   

The other point is that many immigrants abuse the American welfare system. They arrive to the United States in order to feed themselves and use public social services. Moreover, the unproductive part of the immigrants is the loss to the American economy. The immigration control would help to eliminate the American welfare state in order to escape the flood of the welfare system. Eventually, it should prohibit the use of the welfare system for immigrants as well as for native people.  

In conclusion, it is important to say that immigrants are part of the American culture and heritage. The country would not survive in the global economy without labor of immigrants and would not be so wonderful and interesting without them as it is right now.


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