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Currently, most parents, policy makers as well as educators are in the search for the research based evidence on how well they can work with children who in one way or another are disabled. There is need to consider education interventions such as education strategies as well as behavior support that have strong fundamentals study that is scientific and is significant in informing and guiding in search for the answer (Sansosti, 2006). When making decision regarding children who are disabled, it is important to used research based information (Zins, 2004). There is great need to improve the education system as this will ensure that the needs of special needs students are met.

Girl X who has a learning disability has struggled with peer relations. She was assessed for this and scored below average. The assessment was on her social life as well as studies. On social life, she was made to sit with her fell pupils. She avoided social interaction, and she rather worked as well as plays alone. Her score was 43% and the validity as well as reliability of this assessment were compared to studies done and were found to be true. The purpose of this assessment was to show the way of life of children with disability. This was also to offer policy makers to improve curriculum so as to benefit these children. Transition is change from one situation to the next.

The decision regarding to transition is influenced by this study as the findings will be incorporated in offering good learning environment for these children. This assessment is timed as so many children with learning disabilities are faced with the same problems as the girl in the study. The score of this girl was very poor compared to other pupils. The girl and other pupils in the school had been given a test just like other pupils. She scored 10 marks out of the total of 30. The test was easy and almost all the other pupils scored everything. According to the girl’s parents, this problem started right when she was young. According to them, the girl was always playing alone. Her academic work has been jeopardized owing to the fact that there are times they (pupils) are required to work as a team. The only way the mother can tell the girl is in need is when she starts to cry. Both her parent and her teachers are concerned about the wellbeing of her and are in dire need of ways on how this girl can be out of this problem. In order to do this, there is need to put or focus on ways that can improve here social skills. Several modifications were proposed to the teachers as well as her parents.

In order to succeed both professionally as well as personally, social skills are vital and this should be at the back of our mind (Bellini, 2006). Social skills are essential during our daily interaction. They are actually the guides of our day to day interaction (Zins, 2004). While exchanging greetings, starting as well as maintaining friendship, seeking help, holding conversation among other tasks, social skills are core (Sansosti, 2006). If left with no help, girl X’s problem will continue deteriorating and this will pose a challenge both while she is in classroom and while she is out of class. It is therefore essential to take the necessary action in ensuring that this problem is addressed. This is a call for her parents as well as her teachers to keep on encouraging her by talking to her as much as possible. It was agreed that the teachers will be involving the girl in class discussions as much as possible.

As a matter of fact, there are many young children who are facing the same fate as Maria. Recent research indicates that children who have learning disabilities are likely to suffer from deficit of social skills. A study by Kavale and Forness showed that over 75% of children who have learning disabilities are also likely to suffer from various setbacks in social skills which affects their learning capacity (Bellini, 2006). Teaching of social skill is possible for many of these pupils and this plays a great role in ensuring that these students are benefiting (Sansosti, 2006). Teachers as well as parents thus have a responsibility to do so. Psychologists, teachers as well as researchers have developed evidenced based teaching method aimed at building skills for these children (Bellini, 2006).

The main challenge though is how to ensure that this knowledge get into the right people who can then pass it to pupils like girl X (Zins, 2004). As a result of this, it was agreed that teachers would be trained so that they can effectively equip these children with skills.. Social skills have a great impact on both academic and behavior (Sansosti, 2006). As part of behavior, social skills will ensure that the girl adapts to various social settings. By definition, social skills are set of abilities that permit an individual to start and sustain positive contacts with other people (Bellini, 2006). When one recognizes and manages his or her emotions, handles challenges responsibly, establishes relationships which are positive as well as develop positive attitude towards others, he or she is also said to have developed positive attitude (Sansosti, 2006). These can be useful in ensuring that girl X has her skills developed and natured.

A good environment for this student to learn as well as navigate these skills is classroom (Bellini, 2006). Interaction of student with both the teacher as well as with her peers will ensure that these learning are successful (Zins, 2004). It is thus important to ensure that learning is done in classroom environment. Apart from their significance in day to day interaction, social skills will also enable the pupil to succeed academically (Bellini, 2006). Classroom is thus critical as it is where social skills are taught and at the same time applied. Several studies on social skills have been done and these have boosted the ability to teach children with special needs. Apart from environment, cultural setting should also be considered.

There is also a need to establish a system which can be useful in ensuring that social skills aimed at benefiting children with disabilities are taught (Bellini, 2006). A good example of such a program is school- wide positive behavior intervention (PBIS) (Zins, 2004). They play a great role while addressing interventions for effective social skills. Scholars as well as teachers have come up with code of conduct in schools which are aimed at helping the special needs students develop their skills and competences (Bellini, 2006). Social skills will enable such pupils meet behavior expectations both at school and at home.

A certain teenage boy who is 14 years of age and has learning disability is about to join boarding high school but does has a transition plan. The boy is still faced with the challenge of transition to the secondary school life. This calls for clear plan on how this boy can be able to cope while at high school. There is also need to give him the guidelines on how to make his life better while in school.

The boy was assessed for learning ability, social skills as well as on how well he would cope with the new environment of boarding school. The purpose of this assessment was to ensure the boy is fit enough as he leaves the environment of home and join the new environment of school. The assessment was also meant to provide the basis of helping the boy while in the boarding school. A copy of the findings of the assessment was issued to the teachers of the school where the boy was joining. This assessment is both reliable as well as valid. It provides the actual situation. The results are meant to make the life of the boy better as he joins boarding better. The boy was found to have learning disability.

Presentation of the findings to the school authority was to ensure that the needs of the boy are met. By need I mean ensuring that the social as well as the academic life of the boy is developed. Teachers can play a great role when it comes to development of student’s skills and capability. This assessment was done at the right time since the boy was about to leave home and start an entirely different life. The assessment took place at the boy’s home. Present during the assessment were the parents of the boy and a teacher from the school where the boy was about to join. The presence of the teacher was to ensure that the transition period occur successfully. The teacher was meant to carry the result of assessment with her so that they can be of use to help the boy and other pupils who may be passing through the same problem.

the teachers will be involved in making sure that the boy is able to learn better and that his skills are well natured. The assessment done to him will help the teacher give him special attention. The boy should take caution on the choice of words while in school. The teachers will also ensure that the boy follows the rules they will make him be aware of consequences for every action that he does. This is part of skill development. The best way to resolve conflict is not fighting back but rather through resolution (Bellini, 2006). Through the guidance of the teachers, he will be taught that he would face conflicting ideas and the best way to resolve them is through seeking assistance from the best channels. Such channels are teachers, specifically guidance and counseling teachers. It is imperative for the boy to view the problem in different perspectives as this will enable him to come up with solutions to the many problems facing him.

When faced with a challenge, the best way to overcome it to think through it as there is nothing difficult under the sun. Rehearsal of possible solution can play an important role in ensuring that the student comes up with the best solution (Bellini, 2006). When working, it will always be good to involve others as this encourages development of social skills. Social skills are essential in both academic as performance as well as personal growth (Zins, 2004). Behavior change is critical when in high school. Positive behavior coupled with discipline will ensure good performance both in class and also at home (Kavale, 2004). Whereas it is important to air one’s views, it is critical to develop listening skills as this will help in preventing any arising conflict of ideas (Bellini, 2006).

The most important thing is to talk when necessary. There are times when there may arise conflicts. When that happens, ensure that you are the first person to come up with solution, by asking each student to speak one at a time. By so doing, any conflict arising will have a permanent solution. There will be time for extra-curricular activities such as game. Ensure that you participate as this will not only develop your social skill but will also improve your memory as the muscles are relaxed in the process. Every action be it at school or outside requires discipline. It is thus essential to maintain high level of discipline both at class and while playing with peers (Kavale, 2004).

Social skill clubs which are reinforced by adults can play a critical role in ensuring that the students acquire the necessary social skills (Sansosti, 2006). Through social interaction with other students, one is able to develop courage both in classroom setting a well as in other social settings. Apart from games, it is essential to engage in role play with adults such as teachers ( Sansosti, 2006). Through this, students are able to not only practice but also adopt skills. The support provided at school by teacher as well as peers ensures that skills are being transferred (Bellini, 2006).


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