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This paper analyzes the activities of a local hate group known as Neo-Nazis, which operates in Brown Hills, NJ. As a local hate group, the Neo-Nazis are affiliated to other larger hate groups such as League of the South as well as KKK.

The views of the group entail the portrayal of immense hatred for the Jews and love for Nazi Germany as well as love for Adolf Hitler. Moreover, the group has developed a deep hatred for minorities such as lesbians, gays, and in some instances, Christians. The most hated minority by this local hate group comprises of the Jews. According to the views of this group, the Jews can be considered as the cause of Neo-Nazis problems. The group believes that the Jewish control of financial institutions, media, as well as governments is responsible for the social problems faced by this group. Nazism originates from Europe; however, there exists strong links between the Neo-Nazis from Europe and America. Neo-Nazis in the United States engage in the hosting of internet sites and publication of materials whose audience includes the Europeans. In the United States, the National Alliance can be regarded as the most common Neo-Nazi group (SPLC, 2013).

The theory that can best be used to explain the prejudicial outlooks of the group is the Scapegoat Theory. Based on this theory, the views and beliefs of the group can be related to the issue of prejudice. The Neo-Nazis prejudice against towards the Jews as a way of portraying their anger towards the Jews. Based on this theory, the Germans utilized the Jews as scapegoats for the problems that their country faced. As a result, they built their anger and focused it on the Jews, thus leading to prejudiced views of the Jews (Lewis, 1996).

In order to addresses the hatred that the Neo-Nazis have against the Jews, it is essential to institute some measures that will ensure peaceful coexistence between the Nazis and the Jews. Some of the things that can be done include creating awareness among the Neo-Nazis on the need to treat the Jews as worthwhile. This way, it will be possible to do away with the racial prejudice directed towards the Jews since the Jews are not the cause of the problems faced by the Nazis.


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