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After I have studied this diversity course, I will always try to understand others and why and how they do things. I will also remember the old saying “It takes all kinds to make the world.” or something like that. You have to learn to read between the lines. People may say one thing, but they look and feel different. Diversity is all about culture, norms, laws, and mores. We see the similarities and differences in each other. We learn acceptance, cooperation in order to bring understanding. We all have to learn about each other, and it is the way we can do it. I learned about discrimination against other racial and ethnic cultures. When I read about the Native American and African American plights I knew that I wanted to help others in some way. We all should have the same rights and privileges to do what we want in this country and the world.

After taking this course I plan to continue my education, and maybe volunteer in some areas where low income people live. I would like to help with child care, tutoring and maybe even nursing care or social services, in any way I can. When I was studying about the Native Americans, I felt the history of the past and all the fighting they had to do then and now when they have to fight over and over again for what they need. They have traditions and customs that must be followed. We should learn all we can about each other. I learned that words do matter. When you are working in a helping profession, you must be careful on using classification systems. These can serve as a distraction and thus we will not see the sacred and the mysteries of the Native peoples. We must learn about the spiritual beliefs of them, as well. They believe in treating the whole person: mind, body, spirit and emotions. They believe that there is no distraction between the mental and the physical parts of the body. They believe if they need treatment they have to establish harmony and understanding to the why of the illness that affects the family and the whole community. They need to feel harmony and balance whether natural or supernatural causes. One day I would like to work with this society somehow. I have also been thinking about working to help others who seem to help others in the wrong ways. I read about a man Sartein by name, who wrote “Transformation of society’s identity”, that means there is a hold the establishment of a social identity occurs through the enactment of social roles in different contexts. One must be able to locate oneself in the social system. You must find out where you fit in the community at large. Figure out your interests and talents and take all your learning and make something of yourself. You must make yourself competent in doing something. Learn to accept yourself. You must learn that the struggles we must go through are all apart of living in this world.

Another thing was interesting to me – the problems of being physically and mentally handicapped in today’s society. All races, ethnicities and cultures have people with mental and physical disabilities who suffer from prejudice, oppression, stigmatization, marginalization, isolation, and discrimination in many degrees. I mean, for example, people of disabilities, whereas they still suffer from extreme isolation, rampant unemployment, poor education and still even more discrimination. There are different levels of being disabled and they should be offered the same opportunities like everyone else who is able bodied. Again, I believe people with disabilities just wish to be accepted by others, so they want to show they can do things of importance. They do not want to be a burden on their community.

I remember reading a statement that says the dominant American ideology assumes: society is an open and competitive place where an individual’s status depends on talent and motivation not on an inherited position. We must all have equal opportunities to get what we want. We must feel our own power to get us through what we must do to survive this world whether it is through education, religion, or the economic and political sectors of the community. We all must have a freedom to choose our own choices. Life is Choice and how we handle it. Human Diversity is all about following society’s rules, but making your own choices. You can make your own rules, but make sure you check with those who live around you. Your rules may just affect the others. Human Diversity is how we all fit together. I learned that I was not alone. People need people, and there is no harm in asking for help when you need it. It may be hard, but you can do anything you put your mind to do.


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