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Currently, the majority of people despise history. There has been heated debate as to whether history lessons should be offered in school with some having the belief that studying history is a waste of time (Chelsea, 2011). Many do not want to be associated with the past. Studying prior history is vital, as through it our true self is revealed. It is also possible to reveal our relations to cultures, countries as well as other people. Through the study of history, one is able to acquire knowledge which is essential in improving the wellbeing (Chelsea, 2011). Life can never be fulfilling without history. It has a great influence in one’s decision making. The way one view cultures as well as races of other people is influenced by history (Hoskins, 2004). It also influences the way one speaks as well as how information is processed in an individual.

There is no way one is able to move forward without history. One’s past should be the guide to the future. The study of history enables us to know why certain things happened (Chelsea, 2011). A good example is the things which lead to the outbreak of war caused by civil unrest, religious freedom, and terrorism among other things (Hoskins, 2011). History offers a ready answer to questions in life. The struggle for independence ensures that there is history. The legacy of so many world leaders has been left for the next generations, courtesy of history. Some of these leaders stood strong for what in their views was right (Chelsea, 2011). Many leaders, soldiers, revolutionists made a great sacrifice for the benefit of future generations. A good example is Ho Chi Minh. His contribution towards the fight for independence in Vietnam is well documented.

He was the founding father of Vietnam, having led Vietnamese independence movement from 1941 up to the time Vietnam was granted Independence (Hoskins, 2004). He was a source of inspiration to many Vietnamese owing to his strong spirit of fighting to death (Hoskins, 2011). He went ahead to defeat the French forces in 1954. He never gave up in the fight for the independence of Vietnam. He is well recognized as the figurehead up to date by the Vietnamese people.

The study of prior history gives one an understanding of what is cherished by the participants. One is able to determine the resources that will be helpful during the study of history. History is the study of chronological events which include an elucidation of its origins or past events. History entails studying the events of the past, a good example being the Vietnamese war. History shapes our path to great destiny. It always gives us a broad picture of the events which happened at the time when we were even not born yet. History is inherent and its study is meant for enabling one to carry on his or her family values. One gains knowledge of historical facts through listening to older people as well as listening to the media.

Through history, one is able to develop imagination about a particular time. This helps a person to better his or her understanding of certain concepts. Without history, life would not have a meaning. This is because history offers important ingredients for making our lives better. Through the study of prior history, one is able to develop a positive attitude. This is necessary in life as it does lead to improvement of it. Translation as well as interpretation of history is dependent on prior history.


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