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Research in human behavior affects more than the participants taking part in the exercise. Many lives are changed by the process of a research, no matter the field of specialization. Researchers are responsible for these changes. Extreme care should hence be practiced when dealing with decisions that can alter human behavior. According to Rosenthal, causism is one of the practices in research that can negatively affect subjects of a research. This is where science is applied inadequately hence resulting to inaccurate data collection, analysis and interpretation. This is so, especially where results of a research suggest a chain of causality that is false. People taking into account these results will then have the wrong science and apply it in their lives.

In the study that was conducted to determine the link between the occurrence of birth defect X and consumption of prenatal vitamins, there were some factors that could lead to inaccurate results. For instance, with a significance level of 0.05, the confidence level is 95%. The conclusion can hence not be fully unflawed. Also, the sample size that participated in the study is significantly small to count as a total representation of the whole population. There might be other causes of the defect in the 23 women who participated in the study. The conclusion from the study is hence inaccurate.

Releasing these results into the general public will cause an alarm among pregnant women. All of them will rush to take these vitamins in order to prevent their children from getting the defect. This will put them in danger of whatever side effects that the vitamins might bring with them.

Psalm 15 talks about how Christians should be honest and truthful in their lives. They should speak no lies or slander their neighbors. Psychologists need to heed to this teaching and always report the truth in their findings. Reporting lies will constitute a sin, according to the teachings of the Bible.


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