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The social influence plays an incredible role in the development of the modern society. There are different modalities of social power today. The most powerful of them are different religious channels, mass media, television and social networking. These modalities affect the sub-consciousness of different individuals in the United States. The most effect of the social power addresses the minds of youths, adults, both males and females of the U.S. society and the rest of the world.

The religious channels influence, persuade, and foster the minds of people who have just settled down on some of the positions of power in the government. One of the most essential reasons for such a choice is money. Most religious networks have a tendency to ask for money by means to pay the dessiatine for their religious support and spiritual education. The dessiatine of these influential figures is huge compared to the society and this turns out to be a great source of income. In addition, the churches that “hold such people in their hands” have a tremendous ability to change the laws and economical regulations that cut the boundaries for the religious system.

Another reason for this option is the connections with citizens who have the power in the society, including the government authorities, politics, economics, banking systems, etc. The idea of such a model is to control different areas of power aimed at the government figures that belong to any of the religious confessions. As Bauer (2011) states, “the younger generations are easier to program and therefore it is unproblematic to manipulate their consciousness and make the public believe in what is more profitable for the religious communities” (p. 7). Thus, it is very easy to manage any changes that generate income for the churches. Usually, a simple call is enough to reinforce the law or any government regulation in favor of the religious groups.

Mass media is another source of the power model that fosters the United States society. As a whole, any society believes in what the mass media channels offer on the regular basis. Every day people see different case scenarios on the national television. Such a state of affairs is beneficial for the government as people see what the national authorities as well as the world leaders want to show to the public. According to Kim, Nam, and Stimpert (2004), “such circumstances have the most advantages for the government for the reason that people do not have the evidence of the information provided on different mass media channels” (p. 19). This has a huge impact on the awareness of people about the facts that are present today. Some of these facts usually play a negative effect on the government, which is why it prosecutes all the inhabitants who are revealing the truth to the public. The mass media has the biggest impact on the people who stay at homes and have the most points of contact through the television, local newspapers, etc. Generally, these are wives, who take care of the household while their husbands are on their place of employment. The advantage of the government mostly affects women for the only reason of psychological differences. Men and Women react differently to the information they perceive during the day. Men are more relaxed than women and do not always think thoroughly about what they hear or see through the mass media mechanisms.

Social networking is more sophisticated and challenging for the social network marketing including any business on the market place. Social networking works to deliver any information to people globally by using the most popular internet resources such as Facebook and Twitter. As stated by Sammut, and Bauer (2011), “The nations tend to use different social media sources in order to address the needs of the target audience” (p. 260). The most powerful reason to use social networks is communication and the scheme to sell everything through the Internet. The global marketing is a great strategy to make money by selling everything that individuals may or may not need to buy. The biggest impact is put on women as shopping is the most regular activity to spend time during the day.

Based on the findings of the Publication manual of the American psychological association (2010),

There are seven intentional goals of communication such as informing (education, journalism, and training); connecting (portals, transactions, and community); attracting (look at me, over here); researching (applied, academic and commercial); persuading (social, individual, and commercial); entertaining (relaxation, diversion, and recreation) and finally expressing (cultural, social, and individual) (p. 197).

To my understanding, the government manipulates the society using the above seven areas of power. Every model of the social influence covered above has a huge impact on the society today and has different negative implications for the younger generations in the future. This is undeniable that the government persuades and fosters conformity in the United States society. Their multiple areas of impact address all the individuals, including youths, adults, both males and females.

Hence, this level of control can significantly change the society in the most unexpected way for the next 10 years. Besides, the government policy will most likely continue to manipulate the society in the same manner. This could result in a negative outcome for the development of the young professionals who possess the true qualities of human beings.

This situation could even get worse in the next 20 to 50 years. The reason for this change is that the community is not ready to cope with the information flow. It turns out that it is easy for people to live under the so-called “glass ceiling” when there is no need to change anything, just accept the reality and have no ability to improve it.


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