Free «Thanksgiving Day Traditions: Gender and Deviance» Essay Sample

The celebration of the Thanksgiving Day is one of the most significant holidays in the USA. It is a so-called start for the Christmas euphoria until the New Year’s Eve. It is vital to pay attention to the roles shared within a family whilst celebrating the Thanksgiving Day. It is also necessary to take notice of what deviance is during this great holiday. Describing the traditional way of celebration, the paper aims at finding out the core aspects and significant things about making this day really unforgettable.

First off, the whole family is to gather together to give thanks to God. In this case a woman who might be a mother or a wife, or even a daughter in the house is to prepare baked turkey with cranberry sauce. Then, it is all about pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes. All this stuff is likely to be under a strict control of women in the house. A man who might be a father, a husband, or a son or should take care of all products to be timely stored into the fridge. Moreover, doing work about the house is another privilege of men while women are cooking. However, this division of roles during the holiday may take an inverse character depending on the preliminary agreement between all members of the family.

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There is another tradition followed and led by the head of the family (usually a father or grandfather takes control of it). It is travelling to the relatives living in other cities/towns within a definite state or in another state. The moment to meet up with relatives on occasion of the Thanksgiving Day is highly appreciated and cannot be neglected. Otherwise, it means deviant for the family and would symbolically state the family’s disgrace or improper attitude toward their relatives. Needless to say, within a huge family, each side of it initially agrees who will go out and travel to the relatives so that they do not miss each other.

One more tradition is referred to breaking a so-called wishbone. This bone is taken out of the turkey chest when the meat is already eaten and the bones are almost dry. Arriving at the name of the bone, it means that two members of the family are to take it, make a wish, and then pull (Whitmer, 2012). The point is that a member who will have the larger part of the bone will have his/her wish. In this tradition there are no gender prescriptions, as it is suggested on a voluntary basis. Hereby, no one feels discriminated while taking part in this tradition.

Once the turkey is ready and the table is set with other meals, it is about time to pray giving thanks to God before breaking bread with each other. Traditionally, this is a responsibility of the family head being the oldest man like father or grandfather. However, at present, it can be done by either member of the family or even by friends invited to share the celebration. Normally, the deviant activity is highlighted when somebody refuses to pray or to lead the rest of the members in the prayer. By no means, it seems disgusting.

Thus, keeping sociological understanding of gender roles and deviance during the celebration of the Thanksgiving Day in mind, it is clear that the normal attitude is to spend this day with the family and even visit other relatives no matter where they live. Second, cooking and keeping the house clean are to be specially outlined. Giving thanks to God through a prayer is also important.


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