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According to the boundaries of each constellation that were installed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1930, current époque can be defined as the age of Pisces (Zarka, 2009). This astronomical term means that for more than two thousand years (approximately from 1100 to 2100), the equinox point is situated in front of the Pisces constellation. The equinox point which is also referred to as March or spring point, is a spot at which the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator (line around the sky above Earth’s equator). In its turn, the precession is an astrologic term which can be defined as the position of equinox point in relation to certain constellation. Consequently, the next age will begin when the equinox point shifts in front of the Aquarius constellation.

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One cycle of precession lasts for 25,800 years. Since there are twenty constellations of the Zodiac, every 2,150 years, the sun’s position in relation to the Earth changes and moves from one of the constellations to the other in a reverse order (Zarka, 2009).

The interpretation of this change of different “eras” has, for a long time, been the matter of quiet conflict between academic science, on the one hand, and astrology, on the other. Many scholars believe that astrology took “serious” science’s place in public opinion. Diversified and rapidly evolving inventions and investigations made by traditional science cannot be conceived by wide public. One of the important consequences of this change in a public discourse is the significant role that is performed by astrology in a popular culture (Truzzi, 1975).

Considering the possible influence of astrological and astronomical changes, the only direct consequence of precession shift would be the position of the Earth relatively to constellations. Correspondence between astronomical and astrological view on constellations tends to be rather vague. Among astrologers, there are different approaches towards the constellation boundaries, their sizes, as well as the time during which every epoch lasts and changes one another. For instance, the size and significance of all the constellations are equal to an astrologer; academic science, however, claims that each constellation’s size and boundaries differ significantly from the others.

All in all, as long as popular culture continues to replace science in a public discourse, it is unlikely that the bright achievements of the dawning age of Aquarius will come into reality. However, such a widespread belief in possibility of global change reflects one of the most prominent features of human beings – optimistic view of the future and trust in the abilities of human mind.


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