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Over the centuries, women have greatly structured the shape of the country even though they have had to overcome numerous obstacles on their way. This fact was common not only in the United States, but also across many societies around the globe. This chapter generally elucidates the struggles of women in the scuffle for leadership and sovereignty. They had to fight to get other openings in history such as transport and work. The chapter begins with describing the successes of the women groups which aimed at leveling out some barriers that hindered their advancement.

The struggles of the women in the United States at times inspired the struggles in other places such as England. Hence, there was a clear trend of women strives in other places apart from the United States. Some would say that women ought to be the dominant leaders in the present world concerning the strides they took in the past, but this is not the case. It makes one wonder where it all went wrong, it is clear nonetheless to attest to the positive outcomes of their struggles. Presently, there are women associations that are still active, this leaves one with the question of what the future holds.

Regarding gender and history, it is clear that women have really had to tussle in order to affix their current position in society. History was not kind to the female gender, but women have managed to fight back and amass some appeasements. The legislation of protective labor and pensions for mothers was a result of their struggles. Regrettably, the groups have failed a number of times when trying to alter some activities such as child labor in the early 1900s.

It is best to conclude that a few of the struggles in the past have contributed greatly to the actions seen and therefore cannot be termed as failures. 


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