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America as a continent has many cities. The cities constitute one of the metropolitan cities in which many people especially during holiday’s breaks to investigate and pursue their dreams. Most of these cities were along the rivers since they linked the transportation system. City dwellers walked on the streets resulting to a large population especially in the urban centers. The country became urbanized as time went by and most people started living in the urban areas and not in farms (Brinkley, 2010).

There are two reasons as to why the American cities grew this much. One was the rise of prominent business and the desire for industrialization. For this reason, more people were working on the industries (Tindall, 2010). With regard to this, many people swelled up to fill the demand for labor.

Many immigrants came from Scandinavia, Germany and the Great Britain. This people upon resettling in the United States of America reshaped the areas which became the multicultural microcosms in the USA. These immigrants also came for a number of reasons as per Handlin, 1990, and those were; fleeing from religious persecution, escape from poverty, skirting of the Law, and also to avoid the military service.

The immigrants faced different lives. For example, many people had a judgment that in America is where they would find roads and streets paved with gold. According to Puleo, 2007, the roads were unpaved. Workers as usual, did not get jobs to do. Instead, they were left stranded with no jobs for them. Jobs were not well paying and lowly skilled labor force was most prevalent. This prevented the immigrants from climbing the ladder to the American dream.

American government had to consider the social aspect of immigrants into the economy so as to boost it. For one, immigrants changed the shape of the city. For the purpose of taking influx of people, America had to change aspects of city life. The transport system was to be developed so as to enhance an extensive system on the subways. Streets were urbanized while cities defined the rules. Bathroom facilities were primitive, and they had a little fire safety hazards (king, 1893). The development of the Tenement House Act in 1991 initiated the development and redevelopment of health hazards in the city (Dunbar and Jackson, 2005).


It required recreation, sleeping and surviving. The introduction of entertainment brought a change in the transforming the work places. Working hours in factories declined (Glover, 1992). The city dwellers also enjoyed their recreational times in activities like sporting, zoos and practicing of circus. Football also emerged both from universities and colleges across the East Coast and thus this, people would meet and interact socially. Through the professional sports created so far, many people today visits the zoo. Over 130 million people currently visit the USA in the zoo and, many of them attend baseball clubs, football and hockey games (Hanson, 2002).

Apart from immigration of people being a social event, it also brought economic consequences. They include the impact on the real wage, on social welfare in that many people were exposed  to poor living conditions, exploitation of economies of scale, capital formation constraint, capital labor, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which improved due to a  higher number of people who worked in various industries.. The USA had to address this issue of immigration as it has both negative and positive effects. They were meant to promote economic stability, highly social and ethnic balances, political stability and geographical balances since all this factors are related.


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