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The American culture dates a long time ago when people from Eurasia started migrating into the current American continent. The Native Americans mostly comprises of people of the Indian origin and they made a major impact towards shaping the country’s cultural history. The invasion of the Native American lands by European settlers didn’t go down well as the indigenous people constantly revolted these invasions with intense violence. Numerous groups criticized the acts of the native warriors even they went further to compare the indigenous population to animals, for instance some of the puritan writers openly showed their despise for the natives as they saw them as inhuman. Other European settlers, for instance like Robert Beverley depicted positive interactions with the natives and he in fact suggested that the native language and culture was as workable as the settlers’ (Beverley, pg.155).

Robert Beverley was an American native who documented the America’s past, Indians, natural history together with politics at the time. For instance, he extensively covered on the Indian culture and customs. Throughout his book he is seen to praise the Indians in terms of their way of life and mostly the perfect body physic and their cleanliness. Its acceptable to admire and adore one’s culture as Robert did but in the present 21st century, its somehow misleading to argue that the Indians have still the most perfect outward body frame since economical and health issues affecting the whole population have increased in the country thus difficult to make such comparison.

The native Indians had strong customs towards marriage and also the management of children whereby the institution of marriage and the vows made was termed as more inviolable and sacred. Robert explained how the Indians rarely let their family quarrels proceed to separation or even divorce (Beverley, pg.156). Another interesting marriage culture of the Indians was how during separation they divided their children humbly since they reckoned children as riches. In current era, separation or even divorce is usually accompanied with court wrangles on property division and the custody of the kids. Also the manner in which they reared their children was quite strange whereby after a kid was born they dipped him/her into cold water and then afterwards pinning the child to a board. This practice has greatly been abandoned in the 21st century as many people apply modern ways of rearing their children (Beverley, pg.157).


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