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Question 1.

It is clear that ‘the wave’ movement develops a sort of fascism. They harass and undermine anyone who is not a member of their group. At first, Tim seemed antisocial; however he becomes excessively confident to the extent that he offers security services to Wenger. Wenger’s marriage suffers immensely as a result of his association with a member of ‘the wave’. A fight ensues during a water polo match. Basically, ‘the wave’ can be described as a project that has gone to extreme levels.

Question 2.

The fact that Wenger’s marriage ended due to his association with Tim, and the general mayhem caused by the movement is what changes the view of this movement. At first, it was only viewed as a project, but the seriousness of the heinous acts was too severe. For instance, the shooting of Bomber by Tim was absolutely unwarranted. Furthermore, his death causes even more grief and shock amidst the students. Thus, things turned out off beam owing to these events.

Question 3.

Reiner is passionate about his job and also gets around with the students very well. His intention is to show the students that autocracy can be re-introduced in Germany. In this allegorical thriller, he aims at making his students grasp the concept of leadership. In the end, the students are supposed to discern the parallels in their leadership styles.

Question 4.

During the rally, Wenger realizes that the project has gone too far and tries to whip them back to their original selves.. He gave hope to a hopeless man then took it away abruptly by banning the movement.

Question 5.

Wenger should be held responsible for Tim’s death because it is through his guidance that some of these movements were created.

Question 6.

The words uttered meant that he could make out the two leadership styles in reality. The whole movement was no longer a project, but a mere reality.


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