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There are numerous that explain the nature of individuals behavior and mannerism. Erickson’s life cycle theory bases on the concept of ego development to explain human behavior. Erickson suggests that ego development is something that grows in an individual throughout their lifetime. Erickson’s life cycle theory further states that psychosocial actions compel change in an individual and eventually degenerate into a developmental crisis. According to Erickson, human beings undergo life cycle stages. Every developmental stage has core conflicts generated from individuals’ interaction with the world. Maj and Gaebel (2001) assert that these conflicts are inherent at every stage of human development.

This theory is widely recognized by psychologists and physicians as a medical condition. Psychoanalysts maintain that individuals past experiences have a bearing to a persons psychological well-being. Individuals who are brought up in rough environments end up with psychological challenges in their future lives. The trauma they face as children haunts them at all life stages. For instance, individuals who were raised in broken families or abusive environments end up being insubordinate parents in the future. Erickson used a modal to demonstrate how ego development persists throughout an individual’s life. Psychologists recommend some therapy as remedial measures to victims of this condition. Continuous counseling and positive encouragement have been used to treat victims of ego development.

There is no guarantee that the therapy can cure a victim completely. Just like many psychological challenges, persons suffering from this condition respond differently on treatment. The treatment offered in this case cannot prevent a person from associating with crimes. The nature of counseling given to victims of this condition is only geared towards assisting them to become responsible. A person suffering from ego development must be counseled with the aim of discouraging him or her from engaging in criminal behavior. Correctional facilities are best places to deal with victims who persistently engage in criminality. Victims who do not respond to counseling therapy positively should be sent to correctional facilities. Ziskin & Faust (1995) point out that, in correctional facility, they will have time to reflect about their actions and change.


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