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Volunteering is a choice that reflects the personal views and positions. It is the active participation of citizens in a public life, expressed usually in social activities within the various associations. Volunteering improves quality of life, personal prosperity deepening solidarity of basic needs in the way of building a peaceful world, a more balanced economic and social development, creating new jobs and new careers. Volunteering is an altruistic activity of a person who performs certain services and receives no reward for it, wages and so on. The participation of young people in volunteer movement allows them to make a personal contribution to solving social problems, initiate and fulfil projects and programs of socio-pedagogical orientation. There are benefits of volunteering for others as well as for volunteers.

First of all, volunteering is a possibility to develop social skills. This activity usually encourages a huge amount of people, united with one idea. Volunteering has no religious, ethnic, age, political and geographical limits. Everyone can participate in volunteer activities. The volunteering itself guarantees new acquaintances and getting new friends. Moreover, the common idea and work in a team teaches to find the group solution, to listen to and respect each other. The team volunteers’ work teaches how to come to the consensus or compromise, and what is the difference. In addition to that, this communication affects not only the volunteers, but also people with whom they work. They can be disabled, elderly, marginalized people who need the proper approach. At the same time, these people feel themselves needed. This is very important.

The second positive aspect of volunteering is the opportunity of social self-realization. It also increases self-confidence. Volunteering as an activity requires not only willingness and availability of free time, but also some knowledge of psychology, social pedagogy, social work, sociology, medicine, law etc. Volunteers must possess communication skills to pass along with different segments of the population, exploring the best, both domestic and foreign experience. From this perspective, volunteering is an effective method of informal learning. This self-development positively affects the volunteers. One of the main tasks of the volunteer is to lead, persuade the ability to change and show by own example that improvements are possible. Volunteering is one of the most important for society in the environment healthy lifestyle. It is so because in this area volunteers make every effort to inform people about the threats and dangers of alcoholism, drug abuse, infections, sexually transmitted diseases and others. Many volunteers work at the centres of social services for families, children and young people in youth centres for addicts and others.

The last, but not the least, is the carrier benefit. Volunteering gives a huge job experience. It is well known that theory without practice is nothing. Volunteering gives an opportunity of this practice. It does not mean that volunteer works in his/her professional field. Moreover, if the volunteer works in the new field, it is the double benefit. In addition to that, the employees often pay attention to the previous volunteer activity, and it can be one of the factors of the employment of the volunteer. The reason is not only the huge experience and wide knowledge of the field, but also the abilities and skills which can be developed only during the volunteering. Furthermore, volunteering is the guarantee that the person has nothing to do with the negative habits or skills because this activity is similar to the prevention measures. It is an evidence of ability to defend active public position and personal opinion. The volunteering develops leadership skills, which seem to be attractive to the employees too.

The attraction of volunteering for volunteers is obvious. It develops a personality, social and relationship skills, as well as it positively influences the future work. Moreover, society has also only benefits. The volunteers help in the fields where this aid is much needed. The voluntary initiatives are distributed among almost any sphere of human activity such as work with socially disadvantaged groups, work within formal education aimed at uncultured communication, development projects that strengthen the spirit of social tolerance, peacemaking, conflict resolution, environmental protection, revitalization of the population in remote and others.


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