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Unlike the women of the early 20th and earlier centuries who used their physical bodies so as to influence the men, the 21st century woman is using power, logic and statute, to compel men to follow suite. Women have stormed leadership positions and performed even better than the men. Their ability to start and sustain commendable relationships has also been an influence to reckon with. Their reasoning and approach to critical issues have drawn envy and confidence from the society at large.

Women have come a long way in trying to make a mark in the society. For a long time, women have been labeled the weak gender but that is all changing in this 21st century. This revolution that has taken place in women has completely changed the men's perception on them. Women are using power as a form of influence on their male colleagues. Since the woman in 21st century is performing just as better as men in leadership positions, then the expert power influence is taking its toll. Men are feeling challenged and compelled to do better.

Also the 21st century woman has the referent power influence on their male colleagues. This is because women are better in maintaining good relationships in leadership than men. In politics and governance, women have taken the front line to fight bad governance and corruption (Shriver, 2009). This has in return revolutionized governance and hence a great influence towards good governance and social equity. Other than using leadership powers, women are using their personal powers. These are the powers that display the internal strength, sound reasoning and composure. Initially, women found it hard to use their personal power to cultivate any influence towards their male colleague but now can. The confidence and competence displayed by today's woman draws envy from men. It's through these traits that men are convinced of the great powers and abilities that women posses hence nominating and electing women to leadership positions without the any doubt.Seduction is also another means through which the woman is finding her way to the man in this century. By furnishing on their seductive tactics, men are loosing many leadership and honorable positions through love related scandals. On close focus it ha been fond that the women involved ignited the whole affair.

Women in the 21st century have really changed the whole society's view of a woman. Once considered as the weaker sex, women have completely changed this picture. Top leadership positions are slowly being taken by the women with most men back in support. Men are continually seeing the capabilities of the women and are unanimously backing them in their endeavors. Current roles of the man have been greatly influenced by the woman of today who have proved that she can even perform better than her male counterparts. Despite all this some women activists still feel there is more to be done before a woman is considered at per with her male counterpart.


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