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Goodman Brown is the main character that had been recognized to be the center of the story “Young Goodman Brown” which is a narration about the Puritan and how the making of it and the breaking of the doctrine affected the lives of the people living within the society where it is being mandated to be followed. Young Goodman Brown lives in that society thus having the great chance to becoming a part of the doctrine and growing apart from it.

The Puritan doctrine was presented in the story of Hawthorne as a primary source of order in Salem village, a village with righteous people supposed to have been taught and mandated by the priests making the said doctrine to be possible for observance. Through the years of his young manhood, Goodman Brown trusted the fact that he is well protected, well assisted and well taken care of by the doctrine.

His innocence probably kept him in that realization making it easier for him to understand the matters of his life in a less complex way. It seemed like as if everything was simple enough to comprehend with making It rather acceptable to live with everything that he is in and just accept things as they come.

However, as he grew older and somehow much wiser, Goodman Brown realized certain things, began to task questions and started to wonder on how things really go and how they actually happen and why people at times act the way that they do even with the guidance of the Puritan Doctrine. Certain circumstances in his life also made it possible for him to wonder about the truths behind the application of the Puritan doctrine within the society that he is living in.

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Considerably, he learned that his life was rather dictated, closely mandated that he already began to consider the idea that these matters in life needs to be changed to allow him the chance to identify himself as part of the society or somehow even a different person.

In this characterization, Hawthorne tried so much to help the readers gain an understanding on how people’s beginning to ask and wonder gives way to distrust and doubt which in another path leads to the possibility of people being able to find reasons to lose faith in something that they may have believed for a long time as a part of their lives. The constancy of Brown’s growth towards a person trying to adhere to the Puritan doctrine has allowed him to be the person that he was as he matured, however, because of the much perfectness of the society presented by the doctrine while having Puritan individuals not having the capability to follow the guidelines as per outlined by the doctrine that they are adhering to, the Young Brown began to think and question the occurrence of things and the thoughts of several people in his community. Their actions not being in lined with their laws, these people actually make it harder for others to believe on the life that they are trying to live.

Once the belief that they have been holding on to is broken, their situation becomes uncertain. Humans intend to find themselves as shown and seen on the experience posted through the narration of the life of Goodman Brown. It is through this particular manner that human individuals begin to embrace change may it be a negative or a positive change.

Apparently, being involved in different situations that encourage doubt and questioning makes people less contented with their lives, that they begin to search for something new that would fit their needs of advancement and development. With distrust, it could also be noted that the human individuals begin to wonder about their current situation and the truth about the basic matters they used to depend their lives upon. This wondering makes it hard for each person to simply accept everything as they come and these results to more complicated situations hence bringing hardships upon the individuals who intend to search for something new yet in the end bringing them the satisfaction that they want to receive from actually being able to search for more than just what they know.


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