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At that day when Patrick and Annie confessed what they have done, I was happy and confused at the same time. I even did not know what to say. But the next day I did not know how to thank them. That day when my future has been decided, was the happiest day of my life. The publishers offered me to write some more short stories and they promised to publish them. And afterwards I might start working on my first novel. They worshipped me and my work. It was hard to believe in it after all the disappointment that I felt when I have got a bad response on my works from my sister and my teacher.

It was the ending of the summer time. I already wrote three chapters of my future novel. On the same day when I have got the first salary in my life for my first book of short stories, my first thought was about my friends. A part of my salary I saved for the future. The half of that money I spent on my parents and sister. There did not leave a lot of money, but I wanted to thank Patrick and Annie, so I decided to make them some presents for the other half. Special for Annie I bought a book about acting secrets. And I also spent a few days before and wrote a little play. For Patrick I bought a book about famous physical theories and their authors, and also a manual for physicians-beginner. I would also be happy to write something for him, but I do not know physics enough.

The next evening we met on their yard to drink some tea together. It was not late but the sun started going under. The air smelled with milk. When I entered the yard, they did not notice me firstly. So I had some time to watch them. Annie was wearing a new dress. This time it was blue but still with green stripes. She was setting the table and humming a song. Patrick was sitting nearby and trying to guess what was that song, but vainly. Annie laughed loudly at him, because it was a famous song and he could remember it. He was wearing a shirt and it was strange because he always wore only T-shirts. But he looked great in it. He was the first who noticed me. He smiled me with his white teeth.

Patrick: Our big writer is here! Come in!

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Annie: My congratulations on your new book! I’ve read it, and it is the best, I’ve ever read. I’m so happy for you!

Patrick: I totally agree! It’s the best writing ever.

Me: Thanks! Nice to hear this from you, my best critics and best friends! Guys, you’re the best people I’ve ever met! You inspired me. This is also your merit. And you know what is so strange? You inspired me and sent my short story to that competition. Alone I’d never do this. But the problem is why don’t you do anything for your own dreams?

Annie: Lack of time. It is really hard for me to learn bookkeeping. I spend too much time for that because I cannot understand everything.

Patrick: I haven’t even thought about it.

Me: That’s the point! I think that you also need a push! So I prepared little presents for you.

I showed them what I had bought the day before. I have never seen such happy faces neither before this moment nor after.

Annie: Oh my goodness! Acting Secrets! I didn’t dream about such a present! And what is it? You’ve written a play for me?! That’s the best present ever! Thank you, dear! Patrick, just have a look! And what is your present?

Patrick: It’s a book about distinguished physicians and their theories! Look here is written about Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Ettore Majorana. Aleksandr Stoletov! I couldn’t find any information about him on the Internet! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And a manual! I’m so happy!

I almost cried from happiness. Annie was so exited and inspired that she decided to create her own theater group in the college. And first performance was my play. That was really pleasant for me to pull her dream about stage coming true. Later Patrick invented his own little theory. They both finished their education and worked: Patrick taught bookkeeping at the university, Annie worked as a marketing director for one small firm; but they spent enough time on their hobbies. Annie became a great actress and in free time she traveled with her theater group around the country. Patrick did not become a famous physician but the next generation used his theories to make great discoveries. As for me I finished journalist department and worked as a journalist at the literature magazine. I continued writing. I wrote a book for children, where I wrote about Patrick and Annie.

My last present for this moment is a book where I wrote about my friends. Now we all live in different cities, but we often meet each other in our favorite yard of Patrick and Annie where we found the beginning of our dreams.


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