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This September I have visited the performance of Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, which took place at the Davies Symphony Hall. The orchestra has performed more than one hundred concerts all over the world, though it was the first time when they were performing in San Francisco. It is worth to mention that the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra is, perhaps, the only Orchestra in the world, which has recorded music for RPG games and Amine series, and perhaps this was the reason to visit such a performance. In San Francisco the musicians were performing for two hours and in this time they played the second piano concerto of Chopin, who is so beloved by the Polish, and the final symphony of Tchaikovsky.

The performance was conducted by Antony Wit; the leader pianist was Yulianna Avdeeva, besides there were at about eighty musicians. The audience liked the performance, showing that with applauses and asking to play an encore. The most prominent was the performance of Chopin, the leading piano and string instruments, the hands of the conductor moving accurately. People were charmed and amazed by this performance. While watching the concert, one has definitely thought that such a Philharmonic Orchestra was awarded according to their merits: not everybody knows, but the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra was awarded for Grammy Awards in 2004, 2005 and 2007; the musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra are well known all over the world, and invited to play not only for recording music for anime or a computer game, but also for performing with other world famous orchestras, which is a great honor not only for them but also for Polish people. This was, perhaps, the best experience in my life to watch the live performance of the world famous Philharmonic Orchestra.


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