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The education system helped me to discover my talents. Over the past few years, I realized how talents and personal commitment can ameliorate the living standards of those that we serve. The difference between my talent and skills gained in education was that I felt entirely comfortable and passionate employing my talent than when pursuing the “lucrative” courses ascribed by the society. I was passionate about helping the society with my talent in art of music, dancing and creativity. These qualities earned me a reputable place in the society and were inspirational to many kids and youths.

At school, I participate in music and dancing competition, which have escalated my interest and prowess in the field of communication and socialization. While am on winter and summer vacation, I majorly work in the youth palace helping the young generation, passionate about creativity, to develop their skills and talents. More so, I also use my talents in entertain kids, teach them how to dance and also help them to improve their English language. Associating with kids revives my heart; seeing how they are devoted to learning a new skill pushes my heart to crave for perfection in my field. My creative skills have earned me the position of treasurer in Magic Club. The position has helped me reach out kids, youths and adults in YMCA and society, and give them the best remedy for a soul and heart- happiness.

I felt quite comfortable in art based courses. I did not struggle much in achieving my grades in art and I found my answer about life in these art base courses as compared to science and math. It was this feeling of satisfaction and achievement that motivated me to withdraw my Calculus 1A class, and also change my major course from Economics, which had several Math classes, to Communication, which was more of an art with minimal mathematics.

In the month of October I suffered unrelenting migraine that infringed my full dedication to five classes that I had registered during fall quarter. The migraine was so severe that it affected my ability to concentrate with studies. This left me no option other than dropping my writing class (EWRT1A) to concentrate on two major classes and two optional classes that I felt I could manage.


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