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The following is a presentation of a mathematics based lesson plan and design on the subject of mathematics for a fourth grade class. Learners will be made to understand that the history of theorem. Learners will also be exposed to the concept of the Pythagorean.

Learning Objectives

The objectives of the leaning process entail the following; 1. To familiarize learners with various mathematics theorems with more emphasis on Pythagorean.

2. To educate learners on how Pythagoreans are calculated

3. To underscore the importance of the interrelatedness of mathematics theorem 4.To educate learners on the critical aspects of the mathematics theorem


The learning process will be enhanced with the following materials to enhance the learning experience for the fourth grade class.

Computer-This will be used to research and typing the work

Pictures-The learning experience will also be enhanced by pictures to give an impression of different historians. Library- books and other sources that are in the library will be used.

Adaptations/Differentiation of Instruction

The subject of seasons is broad in its scope and the teacher will employ various feasible differentiation methods to ensure that all the varying learners’ needs are catered to. As part of the differentiation the teacher acknowledges that learners have varying skills and abilities and thus will use appropriate differentiation to ensure that the fourth grade learners are catered to in the least restrictive learning environment.
For the presentation of the lesson on theorem instruction will be modeled in varying forms of adaptations, modifications and accommodations to ensure that all leaner capabilities are catered to. The differentiation strategy entails the use multisensory techniques as means to captivate learners at different levels.

Instructional Objectives

The core instructional objectives of the theorem based lesson presentation on the subject of mathematics is to empower learners with requisite skills to be able to distinguish between various theorems.


The core strategy of the learning process will be teacher demonstration. Learners will observe teacher demonstrations from the projectors and the formulas that are referred to in the lesson.

Development Procedures

The simulations are visual and that in its own enhances the learning experience for the young fourth grade learners. The simulation captivities and sustains leaner interest.

Standards and Indicators

Students are required to comprehend the relationship between theorem variables. As such the yardstick of the lesson design is the channeling of learners to an understanding of how various theories contributed to Pythagorean Theorem.



of the success of the learning design and approach will be drafted from the learning process objectives. • Learners will be required to complete written exercises where they will be required to match certain mathematics theories.


Outcomes of the assessment process will be used to identify gaps on the part of he learning process by show of unrealized set goals and objectives. The learning process will be revisited and remodeled for underperforming learners and supplementary measures will be implemented to cater to gaps arising as indicated by the results of the assessment process.

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