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As study specifications become more stringent in all stages of education, children everywhere faces tremendous amount of school stress. Teachers can provide accommodations in classroom for children under stress and here we are going to discuss some stress relief tips which helps teachers to teach children; learn study skills, prepare for exams and minimize their school stress levels to make studying easier, including an explanation of the significance of student stress management (Oesterreich, 1993).

Usually mornings in most of the families are extremely stressful for everyone. Kids may have been yelled at, rushed, and given breakfast inside the car. A warm smile or hug as a kid walks in the door of the classroom can go a long way to help a kid feel accepted and needed. Spend time with each kid every day Even if it is only for two or three minutes, get down on the kid’s level, make eye contact, listen, watch and care.

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Value each child so that children learn to value themselves and others through the eyes (and words) of the world around them. What you say (or don’t say) to a kid will always have a tremendous impact in the long run.Do not promote fundraisers to the whole class when some of the students are facing financial difficulties at home .Also praising those kids who are able to take part in fundraisers in front of those students who cannot is not a very good idea(Oesterreich, 1993). Provide a quiet place inside the classroom which is available to students when they want to escape for a little while. Above all plan the day very well so that it switches between active and silent activities, organized projects and fun play. Also try to stick to routine as much as possible so that kids know what to expect each and every day of their school life.

But make sure to provide some variety also.

In short experiencing a particular amount of stress is a normal part of child development, and every student usually experience school related stress at some time or another. Many students worry and get stressed over being accepted, getting mark, bullies, not knowing the answer and the overall pressure to succeed which can be tactfully avoided.


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