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''LA VIE EST BELLE'' is a musical clowning film from Zaire that tells the rags to the richness of a pitiful rural musician called Kourou (Papa Wemba) who recognizes that to come through in nowadays music world he must go to urban center and advertise his music through radio and television. In the city, he uses his humor and endowment to acquire a beautiful wife Kabibi (Bibi Krubwa), trick his rapacity chief Nvouandou (Kambu Kasongo) and win in singing in national television. Kabibi and Nvouandou pay a visit to a herbalist so that they can a find their right companions. Kabibi likes Kourou but Nvouandou wants her (Diawara 143). Nvouandou money works for him while the herbalist medicine works for Kabibi. Nvouandou buys Kabibi’s mother a microwave, and Kabibi alleges that she can be married as a second wife by Nvouandou.

Mamou secretly plan for Kabibi to get into problems with Nvouandou. Kabibi tries to shun Momau when she discovers that he secretly plots trouble. Kabibi chases Kourou away when he tries to go near her thinking there is a trap for her and Nvouandou. Kourou get so dissatisfied that he tries to hang himself. When Kabibi learns of this, she breaks down into a coma. Nvouandou comes to get Kourou to create a music video and find Korou lying semi- conscious beneath the tree (Diawara 148). He carries him and put him into the car and takes him to the studio. Nyaga the herbalist woke up Kabibi and, she goes to the lodge where Kourou is performing and, they finally come together.

The film exploits the manner in which independence has altered African lifestyle. African old lifestyle is still in power as portrayed by Nyaga the herbalist. In the urban center, there are other powers like money that Mamou and Nvouandou use to purchase their love and stay away from trouble. Kourou uses wealth to show Kabibi that he is suitable. Life of the urban center is of its own kind. A man with one spouse cannot get into a problem, but for woman, there is no comfort when there is no real feeling (Diawara 143). In the city, there is also the power of love that works due to the old values. This is the only true power that the heart can experience.


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