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Academic writing refers to the presentation of ideas through written words by following an academic tone and adhering to the traditional rules of punctuation, spelling and grammar. Therefore, academic writing differs from personal writing, which does not follow any set of rules. Traditionally, a five paragraph rule was one of the rules for writing a formal essay. This was to enhance remembrance, performance, grading, among other reasons. Writer may not necessarily adhere to the five paragraph rule when writing essays.

Writers can write essays that do not adhere to the five paragraph rule because of a number of reasons. The number of paragraphs depends on the points that the writer presents in the thesis sentence. For instance, a writer will write three paragraphs only upon presenting one point in the thesis sentence. Academic writers should exploit the points presented in the thesis sentence. They should consult the works of other authors to explain the points in a clear manner. Academic writing rules are against the use of pronouns such as “I”, which avoids the use of the writer’s opinion. The writer will then show the consulted works through citing appropriately throughout the paper. The three paragraph essay will consist of an introductory paragraph, a body paragraph and conclusion. Therefore, the number of paragraphs will depend on the number of points that the writer presents.

In conclusion, academic writing has required writers to follow a number of rules including punctuation, spelling and grammar. The use of five paragraphs in writing essays was among the traditional rules of academic writing. Currently, writers do not adhere to five paragraph rule, because the number of paragraphs depends on the number of points that the writer has presented in the thesis sentence. A writer should explain each point in a separate paragraph and consult other authors’ works to support the explanations. However, writers must cite the works they consulted.


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