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Starting a company has legal jurisdictions and procedures, which one has to follow for it to be a morally and legally acceptable business affair. For one to start a company, the vital information should include the name of the company, details of the officer be it the director or the secretary, details of the share capital and the shareholders, and the payment. This might be by use of the business link, which contemporarily means incorporating the company’s web house, or by using a formation agent to incorporate the company and provide specialized advice. This will require inquiries from lists of several formation agents for necessary advice in the uptake of the same. One can also start a company legally by filling completed forms on paper and sending them directly to the house of companies.

Starting a company involves sound speculation to avoid common mistakes people make. For compliance with the directive required in the framework of this endeavor, one needs to appoint an accountant or tax adviser as an agent. This will be a person in charge of all the HMRC and for all the corporation tax affairs. For instance, the agent will be responsible for informing the HMRC that the company is active on behalf of the clients, and will be answerable for the same because of the direct link that exists. This will tally with the consideration of the employees one has to work with, since they are the fundamental contributors to the moves of the company.

In view of the employment legislation-disability, a company has to have a legal framework, protecting the interests of the employee. This include protection of the employee from imminent danger, unfair dismissal from duty, protection of the health of the employee especially at the work place, and full expression of the democratic rights of the employee within the company. A cordial working relationship with the employee does not only cover the mandate of the company but also falls in line with the stipulation of the provisions of the employment act 1996, which fundamentally forbids unfair dismissal of an employee from duty. This is currently a statutory fine, which seeks to maintain the cordial relationship between the owners of the company and the employee. Dismissal of an employee on a health and safety reason gives rise to automatic interim relief, with the claim made in not less than seven days. With the satisfaction of the tribunal that the dismissal was on grounds of safety, the employee is liable for a reinstatement.

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The act gives protection of the employee from the very first day of confirmation of duties to the company and does not limit the time to sue against detrimental issues. On the other hand, the company should not deprive off its sound move towards gender and racial bias. For instance, the equality act stipulates a requirement to be of a particular sex and that not to be transsexual. A reference to employment is clearly a reference to an appointment to a personal or public office. For strongly held religious convictions, the act gives an engagement for a non-conflict principle, in accordance with the provisions of the nature of the employment. This guarantees the nature of the employment opportunity that does not tally with a conflicting or held religious norm of the employee. The application requirement should comply with the doctrines of the religion.

In consideration to the health and safety executives, it is a requirement that all business premises display the health and safety poster. In starting up a company, one needs to choose from a variety of the versions of the posters depending on the nature of the business and location, where one has set the business. Employers are either required to display the HSE –approved law poster, or hand over the leaflets to the employees. This is a requirement by the law, and the effectiveness depends on the situation of the business project within the UK.

The other important legal consideration of starting up a company lies in achievement of protection of datum. Data protection enhances covering non-automated records structured in a way that allows readily access to information about individuals. In the UK, the Information commissioner’s office is the independent authority that upholds information rights in the public interest, and promotes openness and data privacy for individuals. The office also keeps a register of data controllers for the public, with each register entailing the name and address of each controller, and the type of information, which they process. Individuals check the kind of information processed by each data controller for notification, which is essentially the addition of a data controller’s details to the register. While processing personal data, the data protection act requires that every organization should notify with the ICO, with an exception of exempted processes. ICO is responsible for working with individuals to give mutual advice on data protection by arranging an advisory visit, or by conducting an audit. Consequently, they can provide a self-assessment questionnaire. Audits are essential to large organizations, which pay high tie fee for notification. Starting a company needs requests for this audits since they comply with the act and policies that would benefit the company in meeting its obligations. Advisory visits are for medium to small companies, which are in the bid to struggle with the understanding the roles they have to perform about data protection. These are companies, which need practical advice on meeting their obligations; starters in this category are often obliged to make this advisory requests. Finally, self-assessment requests are for small organizations or public authorities that try to raise awareness in data protection. In the UK, the self-assessment data protection targets schools within specific sectors of data awareness.

Starting up a company should involve employment of legislation acts, which goes a long way towards protection of the rights of the employee, the health and safety laws, and thorough research on data protection methods.


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