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Part 1

Africa is said to be the least developed continent in the world. Most countries in Africa are categorized as the Third World countries, since they do not meet the global standards of development. This is because poverty level in this continent is very high. The continent has also been not able to eradicate communicable diseases such as cholera, and malaria is still a killer disease. The continent also faces severe draughts that lead to famine. This famine results in many deaths. In addition, many citizens in African countries are illiterate, and they do not understand how the governments are run. They also lack the basic knowledge that is required to understand the lifestyles of the contemporary world. Politicians in Africa are also the most corrupt in the world, and they embezzle their countries’ resources for their own selfish gains. Therefore, Africa has remained underdeveloped for many centuries (Lee, 2012). However, this continent has a lot of potential, and good policies should be employed to realize these potentials.

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Part 2

Sub-Saharan Africa has been misunderstood by many people, who have studied this region. This is because the region has many things that are not understood. First, the region has a very strong cultural background, and the natives ingrained largely in this culture. These people believe that their cultures should not be interfered with, and they do all things possible to protect it. This is because they developed mistrust to outsiders because of the colonization. Some people from the other cultures were used (by colonizers) to infiltrate the cultures of other people (Lee, 2012). The colonizers did this to topple the authority of these people and to make them subjects. This was successful, since many people fell to this rule. Therefore, many communities became rivals because of the colonialism.

Historically, some tribes in this region believed that they were superior to other tribes in the region. However, the colonialists changed this system, and the notion of superiority was downplayed. This did not auger well with the natives, and they wanted to restore a system that recognized some tribes as superior to others. However, this did not happen, since the colonial governments instilled a democratic system in almost all regions of Africa. The democratic system viewed all people as equal so long as they belonged to the same country (Lee, 2012). Therefore, leaders of the country could originate from any tribe. This was not taken well by many people, and this system was rejected; some people felt that citizens from certain ethnic backgrounds should not rule. This has continued to be the trend, and many governments in the region faced resistance.

Part 3

Africa is very diverse in its geographies. From the map presented, it is evident that Sub-Saharan Africa is very diverse in political terms. This is because the countries shown on the map are aligned to the countries in the East or West. This is a source of diversity, since countries of East Africa are aligned to the East (China), while West African countries are aligned to countries such as America and France. Therefore, these countries’ policies are friendly to the countries that influence their policies (Lee, 2012).

Apart from being diverse in terms of physical geographies, African countries are also diverse in terms of culture and economies. Most people in the rural areas are poor, as presented in the Q and A materials. Therefore, they engage in activities such as livestock keeping and farming. People in the urban areas control the wealth of the poor in the rural areas.


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