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An airline organization is usually diversified into the following sectors: airport services, hospitality services, tour operations, and management and administration docket and so on. The primary focus of employees in all the sectors of an airline is to offer excellent customer service that optimizes the profit margin. The employees of an airline are typically in a hierarchical order of organization. They range from senior most downwards discussed bellow (Spawlings, 2006).

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

They are the senior most officers in any airline. Their main duty is to oversee main activities of the airline, implement the main decisions in the airline, attend corporate meetings, oversee the opening of the new branch or airport, oversee the activity of other executive officers, steer new developments, and act as the main signatories of the airline and many others. In case of his absence, the CEO can be deputised by Deputy CEOs/ Vice presidents or respective docket managers (Spawlings, 2006).

Vice Presidents

Their number may be one, two, three or more depending on size of airline. They deputise the CEOs in case he is absent in areas under their command for instance in charge of finance, commercial, customer service, amongst others (Spawlings, 2006).


There may be a number of managers in an airline ranging from regional managers, business development manager, E-commerce manager, business development manager, IT manager, and the manager Outstations. They ensure safety, security & cost effective services delivery of ground handling services in tandem with regulatory standards amongst other responsibilities. These and a few others constitute the managerial staff in Airline organization (Bamber et al, 2009).

Non managerial staff

In an airline, there are non managerial staffs (subordinate) ranging from grounds men; office messengers, store keepers, security officers, sentries amongst others. They are charged with responsibilities in their respective areas (Bamber et al, 2009).


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