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Airport security must be maintained at all times to ensure the safety of passengers and the safety of goods in transit. There are various ways of ensuring safety in air travel. One way is through explosive detection. Explosive detection is done using CT scan or T-scan technology which works just like the medical CT scanners. The scanner rotates round the bag thus creating a multidimensional image through the recording of images from different angles form the different scans. The computer then analyses the data that it has received by comparing the CT properties with explosives that are known. Detonators are highlighted in green, explosives in red and metallic objects in blue. The machine operator then tells if the cargo poses a potential threat. Trace detection devices can detect vapor containing explosive material or particles of explosive material. With this, material is collected and analyzed to see if an explosive is inside or not. Passengers can be given hand held devices and the samples analyzed by use of a computer. The device combines chromatography with chemiluminescent detection to separate and identify explosives found in complex mixtures.

.X-rays are other forms of ensuring that safety is achieved in airports. They scan objects by using natural radiation that is created by exposing objects to radiation or the human body. It takes two forms: passive millimeter wave imaging; operates on the principle that all objects emit electromagnetic energy. It gathers information from a human body that naturally radiates. Active millimeter wave imaging projects a beam of energy against an object and records the reflected rays. The body reflects the x-rays and they do not penetrate deep into the body. X-rays enables computers to save information of images produced on the display unit. It produces clear images of the good in transit and hence is efficient in ensuring that

Threat image projection is also another security measure. This shows how an explosive or weapon is most like going to look on a security monitor. Because of this, the employee seeing the monitor is required to respond actively in case he recognizes a dangerous item. It provides screeners with realistic circumstances that they may come across whole performing their responsibilities. Metal indicators can also be used to make sure that there is security in airports. A metal indicator is a simple device that uses the principles of electromagnetism. Passive systems sense metal by variations in the earth’s magnetic field. Therefore, metals that can be magnetized can be detected because they cause temporary changes in the natural field. Active detectors make their own magnetic field which then search for disturbances that result from presence conductive material. A hand held body scanner can also be used to detect metals. They can be used to detect ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Despite the implementation of air port security safety, legal challenges and issues arise because of the use technologies that are more passenger-invasive. There are several legal challenges of implementing such technologies for screening passengers. Firstly, it violates the rights of an individual as stated in the constitution. This is generally known as unconstitutional search. Secondly, a real or perceived injury to the legal interest or to the person undergoing the screening process. This is tort 1 claims of personal injury or privacy. This limits the freedoms and rights of travelers hence calling for a look into individual rights and freedom. The application of the technology does not protect the right of the people to be secure in their houses, papers and effects against unreasonable seizures and searches. This is because any search must be made on reasonable grounds. However though, courts usually focus on three aspects of a search in order to confirm whether the search was reasonable which include: the frequency and magnitude of the threat, the manner in which the search procedure intrudes into individual rights and freedoms and how effective the search is in reducing threat by considering whether care has been taken to limit extent of the search but still maintaining its effectiveness.


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