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Napoleon is used as the fictional character and the main antagonist in the animal farm by George Orwell. While in first common pig farm, Napoleon get rid of the snowball. The snowball was another pig that shared power with Napoleon. After the death of Snowball, Napoleon took advantage of the uprising by the animals against their masters and eventually, he become tyrannical or the President of the Animal Farm. He then turns his powers into dictatorship (Orwell, 141).

The Napoleon actions were noticed by some of the animals; nevertheless, there were some animals that protected Napoleon with his characters. First, there were the guard dogs who intimidated the small pigs protesting about the leadership by Napoleon as the author stated, “But suddenly the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep, threatening growls, and the small pigs fell silent and sat down again.” As the author expresses, violence was the order of the day, it worked perfectly and drove away any Napoleon opponent. With no opponent or opposition, napoleon was free with his own bidding. Under Napoleon’s dictatorship type of leadership, he was drowned with pride and power for the animals respected him, or else, is turned to corpse.

The other group of animals that enjoyed the leadership by Napoleon was the other pigs. In the plot of this story, it is clear that, Napoleon and other pigs always take advantage of other animals in the society in real significant ways. Every law or rule was to favor napoleon and the other pigs (Orwell, 141). The pigs took advantage of the other animals in the farm; they never worked as the animals. In the story, all the other animals except the dogs and the pigs were made to an extreme strenuous labor. Furthermore, when their food ratio decreased, the pigs grew fatter. All this was in favor of his pigs and dogs.


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