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  1. The most important feature of Apple’s successful strategy is that it puts the needs of the clients as the company’s first priority. When you use Apple’s products, you see at once that you get a really good gadget which worth the amount of money you paid for it. You will not feel that you have wasted your savings. Having developed its own operating system, the company is very flexible in manufacturing new products as they take full control of the hardware and software. I think that Apple’s strategy will always evolve as the company needs to keep up a pace with the evolving technologies. Recently, Apple has aimed to enter computer markets and digital electronics markets. Besides, having achieved successful results in the industry of personal media player, the strategy of Apple is fascinating – the company is technologically improving by developing new and reliable designs all the time. Each device is made so perfectly well, that you can hardly make its pieces apart without the professional help.
  2. I would say that the key elements of Apple’s strategy in the mentioned devices are the diversity of products and long-term innovative development; the significant part, in my opinion, is also integration of hardware and software and unique sleek design which has no equivalents. Keeping the technology of production in a big secret from the rivals, the company continues bringing innovative products to the market. Apple’s strategies are successful to the core: easy to use and stylish devices with reasonable price have won the customers’ attention as most competitors are not able to keep up a pace with Apple. The creation of the App Store which helps to develop your own applications only accumulated the company’s success.
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  4. The success of Apple is unparalleled. Sales constantly increase. The amount of ideas for new devices seems to be growing, too. Stock price is getting bigger. Gadgets are being improved all the time. Almost everyone feels the presence of Apple in their lives. Surprisingly, but with the more and more qualitative products, the prices are going not up but down. Steve Jobs did a wonderful job. According to the mentioned Table, we can clearly see that Apple scores other leading companies in the most cases. In my opinion, Apple’s competitive positions of media players and smartphones are stronger than those of computers. However, if to compare with other companies, Apple is definitely a number one, in all aspects.
  5. We cannot say that something is more salient in Apple’s company, and something – less, on behalf of all people. I think that all of their products are equally significant as they were revolutionary in their time and some of them still are by now. The company predicted very well how important it would be to integrate computer technologies with mobile phones. Strategically, it made sense to Apple as the team was and still is focused on innovation. The value chains are almost the same among all the devices, one can hardly tell the difference: Prices, mostly only a certain layer of people can use them which helps avoid cannibalization, capabilities of products, and phases of introduction to the market are accurately preserved in all products. The company works faithfully according to its strategic plan.
  6. In the past three years the revenue has been steadily increasing. In 2007, it reached about 24 million dollars. The growth rate is impressive in 2005 – 68.4% and 24.3%, in 2007. Though we see some decline, it is still extremely profitable industry showing Apple’s growing strength. The cost of sold goods shows stability. More money is invested into the development of innovative technologies, which prove to be successful. The return on quality is very good; earnings on stock are also increasing. Apple is definitely flourishing.
  7. These will be: continue to develop new products to meet the growing and changing needs of the customers; make the variety of computers bigger and expand the bound of the software; develop iTunes partnership further; foster company’s partnership with other companies to increase the usage of Apple products.

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