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Apple Inc. is an American multinational company that deigns and markets personal computers, consumer electronic and computer software. Since Apple opened its doors for business in 1976, it has had a long-term competitive edge over its competitors in the consumer electronic realm. As a result, both expert and ordinary people are wondering “What has been Apple’s competitive strengths?”

Various analysts contend that Apple’s competitive advantage culminates from its unique marketing techniques and its consistency in areas of usability and product design. This means that Apple understands its customer base because it knows what products will get its customers exited, and then it executes on that vision (Enderle 1). For example, rather than putting much emphasis on how big the internal memory is or how magnificent the picture quality will be, the company instead chose to focus on the lifestyle of the customer. Although lifestyle appeal and aesthetic attract more customers, Apple has gone a notch higher by merging these attributes with functionality (Enderle 1).

In regards to marketing, Apple always ensures that it advertizes its products in a manner that will make a consumer feel that his or her life will be better once he purchases that product. Moreover, Apple understands the significance of their brand in relation to success. It goes without saying that Apple is one of the healthiest and the most established Information Technology brands in the world. For that reason, the company prides of a big number of loyal clients who advocate the brand whenever they go. Such an authoritative loyalty means that the company not only maintains these customers, but also recruits new customers every time.

In 2010, the world’s smart phone market grew by over 95 percent. Although Nokia maintained its leadership position is this market, albeit by a slight margin, Apple performed exceptionally by achieving 17 percent, thus ousting big names in this industry such as Canadian smart phone giant RIM. Going by these statistics, Apple’s position in the smart phone market is secure, considering that it is a new firm in the smart phone market.


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