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It is of great importance for any organization to have a complete and well-designed information technology architecture, which helps the organization management make effective decisions. This paper explains a type of architecture that is most effective for building a payroll program for a company that has its branches across the country. The paper will identify the various types of technology that would be involved, as well as ethical issues that may arise as a result of this new architecture.

There are several types of architecture that can be applied by the organization but the system architecture is the most appropriate of them. This type of architecture is used to translate the local design of the information system into visible structures, including hardware and software, as well as into processing methods and security. The system architecture involves collection of the employees’ details and their insertion into the system after critical reviews. The sheet containing the employee details is saved on the computer hardware for processing. After that, by using specific software, it is possible to do the calculation of the working hours of the employees in order to develop the appropriate payroll. The software can also be used to calculate the total amount of money that any specific employee earns on the basis of the total amount of time worked and the taxes liable.

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Well-defined system architecture can serve to connect various organization offices and, therefore, the individual business entities only have to insert their employee’s data for computation of the payroll. Therefore, the system architecture is a unified solution to the organization. Moreover, it can also use employee portals, which are very important in boosting productivity through putting portal components together that can be easily approved much faster than a single system. With the organization already connected to a data center through a WAN, it is much easier to design the payroll program that will apply the network and the hardware and, therefore, help reduce the costs in terms of implementation and application design. After the implementation of the design, it is important that the user training is organized that is mostly focused on the input of data.

The architecture can use various types of technology and application types possessing its specific roles within it. First, there are data processing applications, which operate the data in batches without the user having to intervene during the process. The data processing system has the structure of input-process-output. The input is used to read the employee’s data while checking its validity and queuing it for processing. The processing component is responsible for computation and creation of new records on a basis of results. The output is responsible for the final product of the process.

The other application is the transaction processing system, which deals with the information from a database on the request of a user. It can be achieved through a transaction management middleware or teleprocessing monitors, which can follow the communications with the various kinds of terminals, such as Automated Teller Machines, that serialize the data and send it for processing purposes. The processing is done in the system database with the results being sent to the user. Moreover, the information system can also be used, which is organized in a layered architecture with the layers having user interface, communication interface, and being responsible for the retrieval of information and a system database. There are also resource allocation systems, which manage resources, while allocating them to the employees. The resource allocation systems can also be represented in the form of layers, including resource database, resource allocator, management of query, delivery component and user interface.

There can be potential ethical issues that can arise as a result of new architecture. First, there is a high probability that there will be a reduction of jobs for employees, since if the organization is using an architecture method for the payroll, it might not be necessary to have an employee to perform the same work manually. Moreover, in most cases, the organizations have departments that are concerned with the preparing of the employee payrolls. Nevertheless, since the architecture system will be doing most of the work, there will be no need in such department. There is also a high probability that the system can be vulnerable to hacking. No matter how safe a software system is, it is possible that it can be hacked, since the company is placing most of its information on the Internet, which is vulnerable to hackers (Shelly, 2012). Consequently, the information hacked can be used against the organization. Lastly, there can be cases of fraud with the use of the architecture. An employee who is in charge of the system and network can easily manipulate the information placed in the system leading to misuse of the organization resources or even stealing from the company.

In conclusion, for any organization to be able to adopt an effective payroll application that aligns to its needs, it is of great importance to consider different opinions, as well as priorities and the expectations of the employees to satisfy all the stakeholders involved in the process.


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