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This review is a response to the article “Are Smart Phones Killing Your Life?” writtenby Audrey Peters for Business Issues Today.

The Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) has been amended to distinguish which employees are entitled to be subject to the protections of FLSA. These employees are paid overtime if they have worked more than 40 hours per week.

It is therefore imperative for all employees to clear this distinction with their employers concerning working extra hours or staying longer at a workplace in order to send e-mails or make business calls. If both the employer and employee meet the requirements for an employee to be included in the FLSA doing such extra work, if the employee does not mind, should not be a cause for concern since it will be compensated accordingly. If, however, an employee is exempted from this benefit, this person should not be compelled to work overtime; and this has to be discussed clearly with the employer.

With the introduction of smart phones on the market there is definitely a tendency for disruption in people’s lives outside of work. But nothing can be solved by good and effective communication. People spend hours with these phones glued to their ears. This requires immediate actions. On the other hand, if a smart phone is “killing a life,” the blame cannot be put on the device, but on those who use it (Peters, 2011).

Smart phones, indeed, have become enmeshed in people’s social and professional lives. They are there to help us manage our busy lives and increase our productivity, and not to cause trouble. It depends on its users what effect it will have on them.


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