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Aviation week magazine is one of the world’s leading aerospace and aviation publication which informs, and update people on the latest technology development in the space and civil sectors. The magazine content comprises of people’s feedbacks towards airline services, update us on who is where in terms of technological developments and also assist us learn more about the world. Throughout the magazine, you are able to identify the leading edge in the airline industry as well as to have adequate airline Intel necessary for making travel and investment decisions. It is also inside the aviation week magazine that you are able to fully examine the Washington outlook which helps you as a traveller to make viable and effective decision when booking your flights. The magazine also assists the reader to identify the aerospace exploration developments from all over the world.

The September 19th 2011 aviation week magazine had different articles all which were intended to inform and enlightens people on the latest technology and economic developments in the airline industry. Through it we are able to identify that the aviation government needs not to overlook the rising procurement cost and reduction of defense budget more so in the U.S and Europe nations. The Russian aviation government on the other hand intends to ease the acquisition of western aircrafts in order to improve its airline safety. Likewise there is a new technology development in the airline industry as NASA prepares to launch their first commercial cargo ( The move will positively transform the aviation industry as it will assist the business people to transport their cargo from one destination to another efficiently. Also available in the aviation industry is the latest sensor technologies by the U.S intended to fight against the Taliban and other terrorist groups.


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