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Life is a multifaceted process that is dependent on many factors. As much as people would want to lead independent lives, it is difficult especially because we all are linked to our families. Being born in a family of drug addicts was the last option I would have picked if I was given an option to choose where to be raised. At this point in my life, such options were far out of reach. I had to succumb to the situation in my family when I came of age and was expected to contribute towards its welfare. I was almost nine years old when I was introduced to this illegal menace. My father, a government official, and everybody in my family seemed to have taken up the task and there was no big deal in trading illegal substances. Well, I was not an exception and I too was caught up in the mess while my father encouraged such actions. Trading drugs became my portion and I worked tirelessly to provide for my members. It was a fateful decision I had to make and all energy was shifted to drugs and dealing with drug addicts.

The more I try to recall the impressions of my early life, the more surprising the story turns out. Just like Theriault (1995), I felt that I should have been given some respect. I worked hard to make ends meet for sluggards. I felt like Theriault unloading coffee and skins while dealing with gang bosses and a group of lazy youths as I made every effort to cope up in a household full of relatives who used drugs only to be imprisoned for selling drugs. This caused a lot of pain and injury me mentally. My case, just like in the world rotten jobs, was surveyed from the perception of the worker, a standpoint that has been scanted all through the history. This was a great exploitation. It was the kind of exploitation defined by Theriault (1995) as practiced by the people controlling the ways of production. I worked very hard disregarding the political work aspects according to Marxism. All the same, the question was who was to take over to provide for the family.

My imprisonment came following a series of arrests that were carried out in my homestead. I was accused of hosting criminals and selling drugs (Gabriel, 2002). I stood in entrapment defense and stated clearly that it was my father who induced me to sell the drugs. It was then clear that there was no way the government could push me in committing crime and at the same time convict me for doing it. I did not have a history of selling drugs before my family introduced me to it. There comes a time when radical decisions need to be made and on this one, I stood my ground. I wanted to mend things in my life and this was the only way. My case was terminated based on this entrapment defense though was put under probation and tight watch. I successfully finished my probation period with no connection to drugs. It was easy for me because I was not using the drugs. That is how I overcame these tragic episodes in my life in order to have a successful future.

My early life was filled with a lot of drama and dilemma. It was a life scenario that would have ruined my life completely. I was barely fifteen years old when I found myself behind prison bars. I was headed for destruction but things changed drastically based on the defense I took upon myself. It was not an easy process but I managed to overcome the situation. From that time, life has never been the same again. I have found the belief in myself and put the past behind me. I am really working hard to paint a different picture about my future and dramatically change my life story. This is a story of seeking independence and self-actualization. While writing my life story, the background music is filled with a song of salvation accompanied by some kind of soul-searching lyrics to create a bridge of transition and get beyond it to help snap out of this awful mood.


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