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Free «Best Practices for Students with ADHD» Essay Sample

Symptoms of ADHD in students have been found to be effectively managed through behavioural therapy approaches. Further research will need to focus on approaches and methods that make use of the most effective learning environment for students with ADHD. Below is a list of recommendations for future research.

  1. It is recommended to conduct further research on intensive data-based academic intervention (IDAI). IDAI is one of the consultations based interventions for children with ADHD. Its technique of providing academic intervention will be centred on evaluation of data which employs a consultative problem solving model. This approach will allow teachers to get feedback on the performance, improvement, and progress of their students.
  2. It is also recommended to conduct further research on traditional data-based academic intervention (TDAI). Traditional Data-Based Academic Intervention (TDAI) will be applied by teachers to assist children with ADHD. The consultation based interventions will be based on the choice of teachers, in other words, the consultation will be controlled by teachers. The only component lacking in this type of intervention is provision of feedback to teachers on the progress of the student.
  3. It is recommended that further research is conducted on the use of daily report card (DRC). A daily report card will be very important for children with ADHD. This is due to the fact that it will allow teachers and parents to project behaviors that impede academic excellence for the child. The card can be monitored by both the parent at home and teachers in school. The teacher will be required to check and record the capability of the student to achieve specific positive goals and mark them on the card. It is a very effective performance management technique for children with ADHD.
  4. It is recommended to conduct more research on computer assisted instruction (CAI). Computer assisted instruction (CAI) is yet another important tool in assisting children with ADHD. It incorporates the use of technology to help students that have difficulties in subjects such as mathematics. It is an effective technique which will ensure student involvement and their motivation in learning. The CAI software package offers a step-wise set of instructions with immediate feedback on the progress that they make. The software further provides simulation of real world situations through use of graphics, animation, and sound effects. It will indeed enhance effective learning for students with ADHD.


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