Free «Big Data manipulate and control Human Generation» Essay Sample

Without any doubt, the main reason of using Big Data is getting the information about the world, its globalization process, human nature, education, and healthcare system from different geopolitical regions. With the help of the Big Data, humans have undoubtedly profound opportunity to download any kind of books for free, without paying an extra sum of money for its printed versions (Enriquez, 2012). Moreover, the Big Data positively influence the process of communication, owing to modern technological devices, a person, staying at home, can quickly reach his/ her friend on the other continent (Helbing & Bishop, 2010). In modern science the importance of the Bid Data is distinguished by the concept of global village in which mass media devices help to pass across the news (Thompson, 1995).

Does it worth that the Big Data will control the human nervous system and directs human behaviors in its own way? Do the humans really need electronic tools that interfere in the sanctity of the child’s birth? The answer is no. It can be amplified by the fact that the Big Data jeopardize the security of the person’s intimate life. For example, most of the children in the USA have an online page in the Internet with the personal information (Carr, 2010). Moreover, the Big Data cast doubt the vitality of religion, while the availability of the information may lead to creation of the immortality (Singh, 2001). The total supremacy of the Big Data may cause the implementation of the biometric machines, and Wi-Fi brain-connectors (Raasch, 2012).

All in all, by virtue of the excessive availability of the information, human civilization is under the threat of annihilation, while the Big Data totally control people’s perception, their life, actions, and future generation. It means that humans are compelled to perform the certain tasks, they are not the hosts of their inner and outside world. The Big Data have designed a new manipulative system in which personal point of view is not taken into account.


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