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We live in a time of rapid scientific and technological progress, as a result, the communication is in the first place. Knowing a foreign language gives an opportunity to study and work abroad. It is so good when you can communicate with the foreigners without an interpreter using the words and not gestures. Bilingual education gives an opportunity to know at least two languages. If you speak two tongues it becomes easier to learn more languages.

Bilingual education involves teaching subjects in school trough two different languages. Many schools offer this type of education. Two languages are tough at the same time. The first is the native language that is widely spread in the region. The second is the popular language, chosen according to its usefulness. In the United States the first language is English, and the second can be, for example, Spanish or Chinese.

In 1968 Congress first mandated bilingual education in the United States. Since that time, there were a lot of discussions about this type of education. A lot of people are against teaching subjects in two languages because they think that the level of knowledge would be lower than in the regular school. Parents are afraid that their children would be overloaded by information. However, there are a lot of people who support bilingual education. They are sure that it is easier to learn languages starting from the elementary school. Knowing foreign language makes children’s minds more flexible. Bilingual children have wide and rich vocabulary. That is why they often demonstrate superior story-telling skills.

Bilingual education still raises a lot of questions. For example, should immigrant children be taught in their native language while they coincidentally learn English or should they be given the chance to ‘sink or swim’ in the classroom? As a result, opponents of bilingual education are usually accused of xenophobia and racism.

However, bilingual education helps mix up with other culture. Bilingual children have an opportunity to broaden their sightseeing. Knowing different customs and traditions provides different viewpoints on the same question. Children have the ability to choose their own way.

It is very important to have bilingual education in schools, especially if there are a lot of immigrants in their region. If the family migrates, children learn only local language. When a child is small, it will not remember parent’s native language. Later it may cause difficulties in communication and misunderstandings in the family. We must not forget about the barrier in communication with the relatives. Bilingual schools will help to avoid this.

There are 33 bilingual schools in the United States, 5 of them are situated in New York. Hope that their number will augment, because each day the number of children is also increasing.

To sum it up, I would like to say that it is very important to have bilingualism in education. It will help bring up intelligent and open-minded children. Those kids won’t be afraid to borrow and share. They would not know such words like xenophobia and racism. I think that the whole society will become better. There are a lot of advantages of bilingual education. For example, if the children are taught two languages from the very childhood, they can understand and learn other languages easier than those who do not study in the bilingual school. The reason is simple – children adopt knowledge easier than adults. They have the ability not to mix two language systems. As a result, bilingual children have more possibilities in life. They can get a better job in the future. Bilingual children can easy adopt the world. They will get more life benefits.


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