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William Arthur’s thermographic wedding invitations.

William Arthur is a renowned fine stationer in the state of Maine, U.S. He is famous for his high quality fine handcraftsmanship of stationary and wedding invitations. Most of his work is based on thermographic designing which produces raised artwork. Thermography is a design technique whereby thermal powders are spread on wet ink which is placed on the print application and then heating it so as to melt the powdered material into a uniform solid surface which has a raised platform above the printed surface. This form of printing is also termed as raised or offset Thermography and it’s often used in place of engraving as it is less expensive and faster to make (William Arthur).

Arthur’s artwork is inspiring and it brings out emotional connections which will definitely make your guests keep on anticipating on your special celebration. His printing art for instance the wedding invitation cards are very captivating and eye catching since they are brought out in a cool design and exactly fit for the occasion (William Arthur).

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Silk laminated business cards.

Business cards are important marketing tool and they are commonly ways used to make a representation of one’s business. Therefore since the major aim of entering into a business is to retain customers so as to increase income volume, one has to make sure that the business cards given to customers are appealing and standing out amongst others. This can be achieved by use of print designs which bring out a memorable impression and an appealing outlook to the customer. Silk lamination is the major print design used by many art and design companies to make business cards as this form brings out a silky touch to the card hence standing out exemplary amongst others (UV business cards).

Silk lamination art design involves laminating both sides of the printed piece a laminate that is termed to be special hence giving out a silk-like coating that brings out a silky fell to the printed piece. This type of printing is quite inspiring as it brings out a unique texture and feels that is totally different to other paper printed material. Its uniqueness is known to make the cards be noticed immediately by the customer handed to hence convincing them of your top-notch and legit business. Definitely this printing technique brings out an appealing design with displayed style, class, and sophistication. A major advantage to this print method is that it produces an extremely durable product for instance business card which is resistance to water and tear (UV business cards).

In California, I came across a print company that inspired me completely as it had brought the art of print designing into the health sector. Hi-Tech products company uses die cutting technique to produce medical products which include adhesives, foams, tape components, and even medical films among other medical materials (Medical Products).

This printing process involves cutting an object out of a paper sheet by the use of a steel rule die. This die has cutting edges which when applied to either a sheet of paper, rubber, leather, metal, or even fabric with a substantial amount of pressure would definitely cut out the desired object shape. This arts and design technology has seen it being applied to several fields one of them being in the medical world. The Hi-Tech products company has used this technique as a design element into making medical products. This company is renowned to have enhanced the medical device industry with their continued use of the die cutting technology which has greatly improved healthcare in the country (Medical Products).


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