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An access control system is fundamental in reducing security issues as well as controlling the personnel allowed to access a given place. Its main objective is to ensure limited persons are granted the rights of access. This access can be granted by checking on criteria such as workplace, home or any other specified locations. The access control system may consist of diverse components that collaborate to ensure the main objective is achieved. An effective control system would ensure privileges for the different users vary according to their access rights or levels; the system under research can monitor and record all activities of access, lock and unlock the doors, cancel privileges when a pass card is lost as well as detect usage of canceled cards (Benantar, 2006).

Scope Statement

Due to insecurity within the dormitory, it is essential that the security system be improved to detect the visitors during entry, and to only allow the required personnel into the system. Hence, our objective is to create an access control system that unlocks the door automatically via an electronic proximity reader. The system should be integrated with the existing security camera system to enhance its effectiveness.

The access control system would require all visitors to swipe their cards through the proximal card reader. The system would check existence of the details on the card with the ones in the database; then, if a match is found, the door would open (Sandhu & Munawer, 2002). The action would trigger the rotation of the camera view towards the door to record or take view of a guest who enters the dormitory. The system would keep records of all entries and the timestamp for each access and corresponding video or picture taken by the camera.

An access control system is considered effective if it is capable of determining the owners of the cards used, record the timestamp as well as allow for retrievals of past access records (Benantar, 2006). Inclusivity is also the camera’s capability to rotate towards the door and record when triggered by allowed access (Ramachandran, 2002).

The college is responsible for purchase of the required materials as to be ascertained. The installation is expected to take, and not limited to, ten days. Maintenance of the system is to be accounted for when required after approval of the system’s effectiveness.

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There are two main distinctions of requirements: functional and non-functional requirements. Functional requirements are the most essential ones as they ensure the main objectives are achieved. On the other hand, non-functional requirements are the values or attributes of the system that would ensure smooth running of the system.

The functional requirements that will form the system include the control panels, access cards, card readers, power booster, and conduit and raceway systems (Sandhu & Munawer, 2002). These requirements are essential during installation to ensure effectiveness of the system.

The non-functional requirements are the attributes of the system; these include: reliability, performance, cost, system quality attributes, and the challenges encountered during installation.

Steps of Implementing the Project

To complete the installation, the following steps would be accomplished to successfully install the access control system.


The analysis of the problem should take a day. At the analysis stage we determine the solution. The solution has been identified as the installation of the access control system. At this stage the system parts are identified; they include input, output, communication devices, power supplies, detection devices, intelligent panels, card readers, lock hardware, the actions and the response of the system in case of violation of the input requirements or failure of the system.


The design of the access control system involves coming up with ways of creating or installing the access control system. The phase should take two days. The system would have a security camera controlled by a proximal card reader when the actions are triggered. After completing the design of the system, the identified materials and hardware are to be purchased from various stores.


The computers controlling the security camera in the control center will be reprogrammed to ensure they can control the access control system installed in the doors. The relevant software would ensure the input of the card into the card reader is used to control the camera rotation. Various combinations of alarm warnings would also be programed to ensure alarm is triggered by violation of system requirements.

The card reader and the cards shall be brought after being programmed by the manufacturer. The cards would contain information on the students residing in the dormitory and any other person with access rights to the dormitory. The various system devices will be bought as programmed by their hardware manufacturer. The devices settings would be changed to suit the dormitory preferences by our team. System programming and setting the various devices would be carried out in two days.


On the first day of installation, power cables are to be assembled. They should provide the various levels of voltage as required by the different devices installed. Installation of the power cables would be carried out by an electrical technician. The installation of the door locks would be carried out simultaneously. The request to access the device from the inside would also be put into place. This activity will be completed in a day by our staff.

The field panels, conduit, race, the card reader and other related items would be installed within a day. These items would then be connected to the others to determine their functionality.

Test and Debug

The whole system would be tested for deficiencies. On completion of installation the manager and the students residing in the dormitory would be required to test the system functioning. In case of any inconveniences, as the contractor, we shall amend the deficiencies to ensure smooth running of the system.  


The contractor would provide for maintenance of the system at various periods and as agreed upon with the college authorities. 


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