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The logistician monitors products coming in and going out. Any company requires a logistic manager who is able to improve the supply chain management through bringing in the supplies and raw material which enable the organization to operate. The main objective of the research paper is to explore the military logistics as a career by analyzing the education required for one to be a logistician, the jobs available, the  salary one would earn and the identify the educational institution offering military logistical degrees.

A career in Logistics is one of the best upcoming professional jobs in the recent times due to the enormous opportunities such as attractive remuneration and travel opportunities. In equal measure, logistics gives one early responsibilities and exciting challenges that require a great skill to execute (Career in Logistics, n.d). In the military, military logistics ensure that the military operations run successfully through availing people, proper materials and equipment in the right place and at the time they are required and in time. Thus, the logistic officers have the responsibility of providing those requirements to a base or abroad according to the plans of the military (Transportation, Supply and Logistics Careers, n.d).

Military logistics require that one has the skill delegating work, be able to pay attention to small details and most important have the ability to work under tight schedules. The title given to the profession is such as logistician, store manager, Supply and Warehousing Manager, Transportation Manager, Transportation Maintenance Manager, Comptroller, Supply and Logistic Officer and also a Supply Officer.  One needs to study revenue allocation, accounting and record keeping, budget management, handling and packaging procedures and also Freight classifications in order to be considered for a military logistic position (Transportation, Supply and Logistics Careers, n.d).

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There are many career opportunities which are deeply interwoven in the logistics industries. One of the institutions offering logistics degrees is the Army School of Logistics which was founded in 1974.  It is located in Murree, beautiful and scenic hills, in Pakistan. It initially skillfully trained young men in Logistics and Administration but the institution’s faculty which is made up of Commissioned Officers (NCO’s) who in their areas of jurisdiction are the best.   Students of various arms and services together with foreign officers are equipped with requisite knowledge in the field of Logistics.

The Army School of Logistics has two main tasks which it endeavors to accomplish simultaneously. That is, training and also providing education in the most dedicated manner with an aim of producing officers with sufficient skills to meet the needs of the army. The General Headquarters is responsible for running of the institution which is also fully mission- oriented (Army School of Logistics, n.d.). Army Training and Doctrine Command‘s Logistics University (ALU) In Fort Lee Virginia is a learning center for civilian and professional military Logisticians. The Army Logistics Management College (ALMC) which is now called College of Professional and Continuing Education also continues to provide sustainment logistics (ALU, n.d.).

There are many jobs available in the military logistics. The positions and the job salaries for retired officer are outlined are as follows according to (Richter, 2011). 



Program Manager

$103,612 - $170,326

Operations or Intelligence Analyst


IT Program Manager

$98,731 - $176,948

Pilot - Corporate Jet

$80,231 - $127,064

Security Manager

$51,225 - $94,615

Senior Training and Development Manager

$48,029 to $81,481

Field Service Engineer

$46,488 to $68,594

Traffic Manager-Logistics

$40,130 - $66,538


Career Logistics is one of the prestigious professional opportunities that are rarely known to many people. It involves movement of supplies and raw materials in and out of an organization or a department. It has many opportunities which are normally associated with much travel. For those who aspire to be logisticians, there are educational institutions such as ALU in Virginia, in the U.S and ASL in Pakistan to acquire degrees. Logisticians earn handsomely although their salaries will depend on the company they are working for.  Therefore career logistics is a forgotten job opportunity and service for many individuals and companies.


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