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Lindbergh was a pragmatist in this speech. There were some idealistic issues for joining the war, but he chose to be practical and state the need for the US to respect the interests of the majority of its citizens. He pointed out that it was unrealistic to honor England’s plea of military assistance, engaging in a war that would be costly and, which a large percent of Americans had opposed. According to him, the US had better respect its sovereignty by establishing a strong military to ensure peaceful operations within its territory, and entering into a war only if needed, and not because of mere invitations. Therefore, it was impractical to honor mindlessly England’s plea.

Based on his arguments Lindbergh was certainly qualified to comment on the preparedness of the American military. It is usually for a country to enter into a war when it is sure of a victory. Winning any battle requires a strong and fully prepared military. Therefore, Lindbergh was eligible to comment on the preparedness of the US military to ensure that the government did not assume it was ready in any way to enter the war. Although the US military was, basically, the strongest in the world, much more needed to be done so that it could be aware of the best strategies that could be used in case if more pertinent and inevitable war arose.

To support his arguments that the US had to be independent and only take actions that fulfilled the interests of the majority of its citizens, Lindbergh cited the historical precedents of Washington and the Monroe Doctrine. He reminds that any country can only succeed if it established itself independently with due respect to all its members while avoiding any influence from other countries. He also pointed out that the US had achieved its present state because of its historical sovereignty, freedom in decision- making and well-built military.


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