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The issue at hand is the children and violence especially in the current era. Over time, there has been a change that has occurred in the lives of the children that was not present in the past. In the recent past, juvenile delinquency has been on the increase along with high rates of reported cases of violence by children. Remarkably, children are changing to adapt to a kind of behavior that reflects how much they have been affected as well as influenced by everything that is presented to them just as everybody can be influenced by everything as well as affected. In this sense, there is therefore need to examine the reason why children have turned out to be violent, uncontrollable and as such disobedient. Notably, children have been exposed to a world that has shaped them to what they have become. As such, it is a world that is dominated by violence from families to what is presented in the media and their games and other forms of entertainment (Browne & Hamilton-Giachritsis, 2005, p.702-705). There is need for something to be done in order to address the issue to do with violence among children and how this can be dealt with. If there is no remedy provided for this, the world might end up becoming a place of violence.

Having presented a brief introduction about children and violence as a major global challenge, it is important to bring into context what has been done in the past in order to address the problem. In reference to Gentile (2003), media violence has overwhelmingly negative effects on children (p.4). The various media that present what influence the children involve the television, film, video games, music, and the Internet. In all these various media, there are remarkable aspects of violence.

Research findings have shown that aggressor effect, the victim effect, the bystander effect, and the appetite effect are the scientifically related effects of media presentations to children (Gentile, 2003, p.22). In the same line of thought, there have been advances to address this issue but in many cases, the tools used to address this issue are limited. As such, children programs and educating parents concerning what their children should do instead of engaging in violence influence have also been limited. Accordingly, there has been an ongoing campaign on the regulation of what advertisements entail along with what television movies, games and children videos as well should carry. Nonetheless, this has not worked so well to nullify the effects of media leading to violence. There are also some very compelling studies that have been carried out both before and after the introduction of television. The results have pointed out to a remarkable behavior change to violence at the advent of television. In particular, media violence has had a lot of influence on children behavior in that if a game, film or any other content of the media has violence, children tend to become aggressive and finally they act out of rage just as has been portrayed in the media (Browne & Hamilton-Giachritsis, 2005, p.702-706). This is detrimental to the society as whole and again, with the increase of juvenile delinquency, it is evident that media violence has played a great role.

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Although there have been much research concerning media violence and its effects on children, there is need for more research that is not only observatory but also trying to interview children and their parents concerning their take on media violence. This will mark the core objective of this proposed research. It will be made to study and know the perception of children in regard to media violence and as a result, one will be in a better position to address this problem as a social menace. Notably, the research will also put into context the whole spectrum of the past studies by other researchers in order to come up with a research outcome that will lead to a lasting solution in this case. Three major effects of media violence however have been pointed out. As such they comprise of children becoming more fearful of the world around them, becoming less sensitive to pain and suffering of others along with children being more likely to behave in aggressive ways toward others (Gentile, 2003, p.188). Since imitation is so popular to human beings, to children it is even higher making many of the children to imitate what they see in the media.

In this regard, data collection and analysis will play a critical role in this research on children and violence. To begin with, this research will examine past researches that studied the behavior of children in the society and in particular their inclination towards violent behaviors. After this has been done, the research will also collect current data from the society to examine how children’s behaviors have changed over time. Therefore, the data that will be collected will feature different social classes in a particular region where violence has been an eminent behavior among children. The level of violence will be determined by examining the accessibility of children to such media as the television, movies and films, and video games (Browne & Hamilton-Giachritsis, 2005, p.702-707). On the other hand, parents too will be interviewed to find out how many times they quarreled before their children and whether this quarrelling resulted into fights thus affecting the status of children in the society. It is important to note that children who come from different social classes have different accessibility levels to various forms of the media.

An important issue that needs to be noted in this research is the fact that it will focus on the effects of media violence on children. Similarly, this research will seek to understand whether domestic violence also contributes to children becoming violent. In consistent with this, the research will focus on a sample of children who are between the ages of 3 years and 17 years (Geffner, Jaffe, & Sudermann, 2000, p.95). This is as a result of the fact that children in this age group are developing their social and cognitive skills and therefore are at risk of being influenced by anything they see in the media and among their parents. To determine whether domestic violence also plays a role in influencing children towards being violent, parents who have children who are between the age of 3 years and 17 years will be interviewed on how often they experienced domestic violence.

Therefore, the level of violence among children will be determined by the amount of exposure to violent media as well as domestic violence (Powell, Symbaluk & Honey, 2008, p.473-4). In this regard, the result that would be obtained would prove to be consistent with the research if the level of violence among children who are exposed to media and domestic violence is far much higher than among those who are not exposed to violent media and violent family ties. On the contrary, the hypothesis would be disregarded if violence levels among those children who were exposed to violent media and domestic violence is the same as or less than those children who were not exposed to violent media and their family background did not experience domestic violence.

In this regard, one of the factors that have led to tremendous breakthroughs in the medical world is its understanding of the major causes of diseases and ailments. In line with this, the understanding of the causes of increase of violence among children will be a major milestone in finding out solutions that could be implemented to reduce violence rate among children. For instance, if the results of this research conclude that media violence is a major cause of the increase in violence among children, appropriate measures will be taken to control or rather regulate the amount of violence that is depicted in the media. In the same way, if this research concludes that domestic violence is a major cause of violence among children, then it will propose of ways that could be employed to deter families and especially parents from engaging in violent behaviors. In addition, there are underlying psychological processes that are stimulated by exposure to violence that need to be examined in order for intervention measures to be formulated.


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