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Positives and Drawbacks of Cloud Storage (Dropbox)

Dropbox is a cloud based storage facility for photos, documents and other digital content. Jamsa (2012) claims that when a file is placed into the Dropbox folder by either cutting or pasting, dragging and dropping and saving, a copy of the file is automatically saved to the Dropbox cloud storage facility. In case an individual wants to access the file from another computer, he or she can simply log in to the Dropbox account on the web (Jamsa, 2012). 

Cloud storage offers scalability, thus enabling storage providers to let user’s extent their storage capacity up and down to align with ones storage needs. Jamsa (2012) says that cloud storage is reliable because it provides transparent data replication. Dropbox offers ease of access to data because most cloud storage facilities support web based access to files from any place at any time using a variety of devices (Jamsa, 2012).

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Cloud storage has various drawbacks such as performance, security and causing data orphans. According to Jamsa (2012), cloud storage may experience performance problems because they are accessed over the internet, they will never be as fast as local drivers. Security is a major drawback for cloud storage because scholars articulate that it is not 100% secure. Another drawback is that users may abandon data in clouding storage facilities such as Dropbox, leaving confidential private or company data at risk, hence resulting in a condition known as data orphans.    

Description of the Competing Product

ZumoDrive provides cloud based storage that is scalable to meet customer needs. Jamsa (2012) says that the company lets a customer get started at no charge and provides sufficient space to store a considerable number of documents. Jamsa (2012) the files that are stored on ZumoDrive are accessible from a variety of devices. From their own PC, customers can use the web interface to move files to or from ZumoDrive. It should be noted that one can map a drive letter to the ZumoDrive storage and access the cloud based files as files in the local system.

A Comparison Table of the Two Products



The backup is reliable

Provides a reliable back

Does not allow for synchronization of data between the cloud system and the local computer

Allows for synchronization of data in local computer and the cloud system

Compatible with major hardware, software’s, browsers and operating system

Compatible with major hardware, software’s, browsers and operating system

It is scalable allowing for expansion of storage space

It allows for scalability

User cannot map a drive letter to his Dropbox cloud storage and access the cloud files as in the local system

User can map a drive letter to his ZumoDrive cloud storage and access the cloud files as in the local system




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