Free «Community Sports Clubs should Accept Alcohol Sponsorship» Essay Sample

Alcohol sponsorship like any other sponsorship plays a great role in sports. One thing that should be understood is that there is a difference between alcohol consumption and sponsorship. Many countries have denied alcohol companies a chance to sponsor sports due to many reasons. They argue that alcohol companies have used this channel of sponsorship to influence many sportsmen into alcohol addicts. For this reason, many clubs have lost their players as a result of alcohol influence. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits that alcohol sponsorship brings to community sports clubs both finically and in kind. Consequently, these sponsorships play a great role in merging recreation and leisure activities (Torkildsen , 1999)). Actually, it is the availability of these sponsorships that has increased the influence of the community sports clubs which would otherwise be impossible.

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Additionally, provided sponsorships are given out responsibly without any selfish interests. This is a reason enough not to restrict the alcohol companies sponsorships. In connection with this, the community club being sponsored should take time to gauge the sponsors so as to know their motives (Amis & Cornwell, 2005). For instance, what they require from them and how demanding their requests can be. A part from this, alcohol companies can be advised to avoid using labels during sports events to lure people into consumption of alcohol. However, a study carried out by the University of Newcastle and Manchester united university could not show an exact relationship between alcohol sponsorships and the harmful effects of alcohol.

Actually, alcohol is a legal product and the company pays tax to the government. Therefore, whether the government ban alcohol sponsorship or not, it cannot stop the addiction and harmfulness of it therof (Ginnane, 2009). More to this point, every sponsor has a way of benefiting from those being sponsored and it cannot be wrong if the alcohol companies gain favor from their fans.

Another benefit of alcohol sponsorship is that the sports clubs get a chance to be advertised by these big companies therefore enhancing their fame. In actual fact, the activities of these community sports clubs are taken to a great level. In consistent with this, the community clubs are taken into a position where they can be competent and can get to a worldwide level (Slack, 2004). A long with this, the community also benefits from these sponsorships in kind whereby they can get social amenities.

Above and beyond, it can therefore be said that alcohol sponsorships is equally useful. This is because they have diverse benefits which come along with them. So to speak, the community sports clubs are in a position to benefit from alcohol sponsorship both financially and in kind. Notably, these sponsorships have increased the influence of the community sports club as well as their standard globally. Following this point, the communities involved in these sports clubs can also benefit from these sponsorships in many ways. For instances, they can profit in social amenities as well as promoting the education systems in its co-curricular activities.


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