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The government of the United States of America should combine people and resources effectively in an effort to achieve unity. In the commentary about the 9/11 attacks, it has dealt with the problems of watch listing like the lost opportunities. Responsibility and accountability were disseminated; no one was responsible for managing and assigning duties across the agencies. There was no track progress and issue could not be solved since there were many obstacles.

Agencies cooperated well sometimes but this could not be termed as joint action because in cooperation one defines a problem and seeks help. Problems and actions are defined differently from the start when they act together. In a joint action, individuals from different background come together to analyze a case and plan how to manage it. Since 9/11 some of the issues have not been solved yet. Joint work has got better in some ways and also got worse in some other. Attitudes have changed and officials are trying not to make mistakes about 9/11 by sharing information. They circulate information even to the President however dubious the information might be.

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The effort to fight terrorism because of its sheer energy and quantity has flooded over many agency boundaries. Because of this, the challenge of coordinating has been multiplied. Before 9/11 the CIA was the leading agency that was confronting Al Qaeda while the FBI played a secondary role. Today, the CIA is still central but the FBI together with the other parts of the justice department is more active.

So far, two reasons have emerged for joint action and in my opinion, it is advantageous to have someone responsible for insurance of a unified effort. The third one is the shortage of experts with enough adequate skills. There is limited pool of experts and expanding this will require money and time. Combining joint action and joint intelligence would be a smart action for the government. This is because it helps the government to incorporate all the sources to see the enemy as a whole. By integrating all sources and analyzing them, it becomes easier to shape strategies and collect more intelligence. The Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC) has the primary responsibility to analyze terrorism. It is not a part of any operational entity and it reports to the director of intelligence.

The government uses two ways of how to handle the problems of joint management. First, agencies that have responsibility for certain problems have created interagency so as to get cooperation. The CIA recruits liaisons officers in the entire intelligence community. The military’s central command also has its interagency centre for recruiting liaisons from all the agencies that it might need help from. The FBI also has a joint Terrorism Task Forces in 84 different locations which coordinate the activities of the other agencies when action may be needed. Second, the problem of joint planning is usually passed to the White House where the NSC plays its role. Both NSC and new homeland security council staff has become more than half the size they were since 9/11. They are responsible for sifting each day’s threat, meeting day to day issues and they try to coordinate the everyday operations.

I will recommend that a National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCC) that is built on the foundation of the TTIC (Terrorist Threat Integration Center) should be established and thus is to break the old mold of organization. The personnel of the NCTC should consist of various agencies whose job is to be a joint intelligence and operational planning from its various agencies. This body should lead to strategic analysis by pooling both domestic and foreign intelligence on transnational terrorists globally. The body should work by drawing from the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and other agencies to provide warnings to the government and the public in general.


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