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Public Administration in the US today touches the lives of many individuals. It is made up of smaller groups that encompass through the daily human beings activities. Actions and decisions made by public administrator’s touches the lives of many individuals in America and in many occasions their decision making influences the day to day activities. The reduction and growth in public bureaucracy and government activities are the major social problems that have been experienced for the last decades in America. Bureaucracy or a bureaucratic organization is a characteristic of internal division of labor, work specialization, chain of commands procedures, precedents and the general rules concerning managerial control of an organization.

The size, composition and mission of the bureaucracies are among the major talks discussed by the learned friends of America, its practitioners and the citizens. Since bureaucracy is seen as a major issue politicians have also come into light to criticize at all levels of the government. Good examples of bureaucratic administrators in the United States of America included; Jimmy Carter in 1976 run against it and promised to tidy up the mess in Washington, Ronald Reagan in 1980 promised American citizens to keep off the federal government from their backs likewise George H W Bush in 1988 told the Americans to read his lips on his fight against the bureaucracy in the government and finally in the year 1996 the year which many Americans saw it as their resurrection time never came to pass as Bill Clinton promised that the time of big governments was over, and thus he was voted in as the president but never delivered his promise. Such public administrators are a good lot for failure and they often give hope to he public which in their real hearts they know they can’t deliver. Such promises made in public interest leads the entire faith of citizens to be demoralized since in a bureaucratic administration only a few can enjoy the decisions made by the few percentage of the citizens as public administrators.

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A clear indication is the one of George W Bush a republican candidate in the year 2000, George Bush accused Al Gore that he was representing a government that was full of bureaucracy while he was their representing the public interest s of the American citizens whom he was ready to free them from all kinds of bureaucracy. But during his time that many of his decisions affected America in a bigger extent, Though as a manager one must take strict actions to move an organization in meeting its deadlines within its range of choices, Bush administration actually failed due to competence gap in his response to Katrina because he lacked good leadership skills an element that is of much importance in institutions such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA).also as a good public administrator one should posses good interpersonal character and leadership skills as opposed to only following the already established routine and procedures this can easily make the employees predict on the decisions a manager can decide upon. Therefore a manager should always have crazy ideas that cannot be easily predicted by the employees. This depicts an administrators mind as a tough and critical person who can move miles without any failure in his decisions. A good example is George W Bush, who during his campaigns he promised to deliver the Americans from the bureaucratic government, but later turned out to be the most popular president in America to increase the level of bureaucracies in the government.

Another major concern facing the managers as top public administrators is the renewal of interests in the line of quality and reliable services in public and private organizations, with the need of strengthening relationships with service providers and the customers unlike the bureaucratic chain of command of top to bottom. Managers are fighting to get rid of these kinds of command which flows from top to bottom by encouraging employees to be responsive to the customers of public organizations as they offer supportive base for their employees.

Top public managers are also faced with the prospects of transforming the organizational structures according to the rapid changes in information technology in line with the provision of services to the public, thus regarding the rapid changes in managerial and leadership roles in the US managers are also faced by various concerns such as the challenge of providing job enrichment and career development opportunities for their employees, encouragement in management participatory, application of emerging total quality customer service management techniques in the process of running and managing big bureaucratic organizations. With time public administration has become more complicated and more challenging at the same time more beneficial to the employees, managers, citizens and the organizations. All the above concerns have greatly contributed in day to day decision making by the public administrators either in a positive or in a negative direction in the United States of America.

The recent trend in privatization of public organization has greatly influenced the delivery of services to the public interests. Privatization is simply the transfer of decision making authority, delivery or financing from the public sector to a private sector, this can either be achieved by either contracting services out to a private entity or by partnerships. Privatization of various organizational structures has helped in addressing structural problems; services have been drawn closer to the society at more efficient and effective way unlike when the organizations were run bureaucratically. Privatization has also ensured that public interest s is primarily considered as a major priority to the citizens. This has enabled the American government to move ahead in both the health care and the education system than any developed countries. The US government has delegated responsibility to private partners to provide goods and services.


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